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Leading the workspace revolution, Regus benefits from the flexible workspace sector. So why not try out the latest trend in the workspace environment and franchise Regus now!

Due to changes in technology and workspace trends, Regus has grown into an essential part of business operations around over 800 locations in the past 2 years! Having a high return low risk business model, makes Regus one of the best way to investment your future business plans. We also offer a wide array of products from private office spaces for one person to corporate sized spaces with business-grade WIFI for your whole staff! Indeed, Regus is the go-to workplace solution of Start-ups, Project teams, and Professional Headquarters!

So build your own business together with Regus! Franchise a multi-national company that serves and gives only the best to businesses and professionals! Inquire now!

Unit Fee: USD $50,000

Investment Cost: USD $500k - $1M

*Investment Costs for this franchise varies and depends on the size and rent cost of the center*

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