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Franchise one of the country's first lifecasting service franchise brand, B&G LifeCasting.


B&G LifeCasting helps people create highly personalized casts of their body parts, usually hands and feet. B&G LifeCasting offers true 3-D Casts and Relief Impressions of baby's hands and feet and even for adults. The best materials and finishes are imported from the UK and are safe to use, even on newborns. Mould taking is fast and mess free, and its specially trained technicians can come to the hospital or to your home to do the lifecasting service.

This unique service franchise idea not only helps aspiring franchisees achieve their dream of owning a successful franchise business but also helping families preserve those specials moments their lives and capturing the special bonds between people.


Make your franchise dream happen with B&G LifeCasting service franchise opportunity.

Franchise Fee:                  Php 500,000

Total Investment Cost:    Php 1.95M (inclusive of Franchise Fee)

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