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Aling Consuelo Original Halo Halo sa Ugbo

The Original and Best Dessert from Ugbo, Tondo, Manila


When the summer season hits the Philippines, there's one dessert on top of every Filipino household's mind – Halo-Halo. In Tondo, Manila, locals have only one name in mind for a refreshing dessert: Aling Consuelo Original Halo-Halo. Starting in 1960, Mrs. Consuelo Tordera, a wife, a full-time factory worker by day, and a mother of six children, started her small dessert business to support her growing family. Aling Consuelo’s granddaughter, Fannie Erive, who has been her grandmother’s constant business ally, continues the legacy of the family business, providing the locals of Ugbo Street, as well as the town of Tondo, with a refreshing dessert that is now available all year round.

Made fresh every day, Aling Consuelo’s Original Halo-Halo Sa Ugbo consists of Sweetened Banana (Saba), Sweetened White Beans, Sweetened Black Beans (Mongo), and Leche Flan. Topped with shaved ice and milk, customers who opt for the special version get an extra scoop of Ice Cream, Purple Yam Jam (Ube Halaya), Sweetened Coconut Meat (Macapuno), and Langka (Jack Fruit) for a more filling and relaxing experience.

Aside from Halo-Halo, Aling Consuelo also offers Saba Con Yelo (Sweetened Banana with Ice) and Mais con Yelo (Sweetened Corn Kernels with Ice), which have become very popular due to their simplistic yet filling appeal to all customers, both local and foreign, anytime of the year.

Kickstart your franchising journey with Aling Consuelo Original Halo Halo sa Ugbo!

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