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Samantha's Steamboat

You can all enjoy our favorite street food minus the guilt!


Samantha’s Steamboat franchise was conceptualized to give a healthier option for all street food lovers.

Inspired from Malaysia’s “loklok” or steamboat, which is popular all over the country. All of their products are made from imported high grade ingredients, They are all easy and quick to cook in boiling water. No oil! So, your favorite fish, crab, lobster and squid balls taste exactly as they should. They have six home-made gourmet sauces that you can choose from. What’s good about their sauces is that they complement each other so mixing them won't be a problem

Samantha's Steamboat is excited to share this unique franchise concept from Iloilo City and now expanding nationwide!

   Franchise Details   

Franchise Fee



Php 395k - 545k

Min. Size (Sqm)



Kiosk Php 395k - 545k

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