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Snack a Wrap

The Best Shawarma and Rice Meals in the country


Wrap up the best shawarma and rice meals the Philippines has to offer. Craving for some shawarma? Or maybe some sisig? You name it we got it only here in Snack-A-Wrap.

Snack-A-Wrap started as a local on-the-go snacks store in one of the busiest corners of Las Piñas City. What was thought to be just another one of the small businesses that was started by the company, but it quickly became a national sensation in less than a year. Snack-A-Wrap has instantly grew up to 20 branches in just months and expanded nationwide to 200 branches in just 15 months. It's strong marketing efforts, operations, and good R&D led Snack-A-Wrap to a successful franchise business. Snack-A-Wrap has also proven to be a good and profitable franchise business with two other business models; Snack-A-ttack Express and Snack-A-ttack.

Let's get to work and dominate the snack industry, inquire about Snack-A-Wrap's franchise now and save yourself from all the hassle of researching for the best and quality driven food franchise in the Philippines!

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Php 349K - 399K


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