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Phoenix LPG

Safest, cleanest and most affordable retail franchise selling LPG


Phoenix SUPER LPG sells and distributing liquified petroleum gas (LPG) and other petroleum products owned by Petronas Energy Philippines. Phoenix SUPER LPG is one of the top franchise brands that offers a reliable, clean, and safe burning fuel that is good for:

1. Domestic Use: LPG use for cooking, heating, gas lighting, clothes drying.

2. Industrial Use: The use of LPG for cutting, soldering, drying and tannery.

3. Commercial Use: The use of LPG in bigger quantity as required by hotels, hospitals, malls and restaurants.

4. Agricultural Use: The use of LPG in poulty, grain drying and more.

   Franchise Details   

Franchise Fee

Php 100k reservation fee


Php 620k - 1M

Min. Size (Sqm)



LPG Center - Php 620k

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