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 Request for Franchise Kit  

Stone Depot

Home of best granite, marble and engineered quartz


Building or renovating your home? Make sure you use quality materials!

Stone Depot is known for specializing in high-quality stone products such as granite, marble, and engineered quartz products and installation! It is managed by a team of young and driven individuals who share a passion for creativity, professionalism, and fun.

Why franchise?
1. It offers 50+ stone colors (direct from Quarries Abroad)
2. Surface Finishes (polished, honed, flamed and blush hammered)
3. Wide size selection from 1.60 m x 3.20 m.
4. Multiple profile designs from eased, chamfered, bullnose and more!

   Franchise Details   

Franchise Fee



Php 5.7M - 6M

Min. Size (Sqm)



Center Php 5.7M - 6M

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