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Fitness Center that offers martial-arts infused fitness programs for all ages and fitness levels


This is NOT a fight club! You may have heard about Tapout through TV, MMA, Clothing, and have seen it endorsed by celebrities and athletes. Tapout Fitness has combined fitness and martial arts to create the “best of the best” of each, which creates the best fitness opportunity for members EVER!

Founded in 2014, Tapout Fitness is part of the Tapout brand family. Tapout is owned and operated by two powerhouse brands; Authentic Brands Group (ABG), a brand development, marketing and entertainment company, which owns a global portfolio of over 30 lifestyle, sports, celebrity and entertainment brands, and World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) the preeminent provider of wrestling-based entertainment. Tapout Martial Arts, our progressive belt-ranking program for kids and adults, is our modern approach to traditional martial arts. Our Master Instructors lead every class. Plus, you can work with them for one-on-one personal training sessions. Their energy, enthusiasm and expertise make working out fun and get you results.

Share the amazing feeling of being the best by Franchising Tapout Fitness! Inquire now to be the best in the business and physically as well, Franchise now!

   Franchise Details   

Franchise Fee

USD 50,000 + VAT (approx. Php 2.55M)


Php 6M+

Min. Size (Sqm)




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