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4 lessons you can learn from a barbershop business

We've heard it a gazillion times: "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." As trends rise up the challenge of keeping everything relevant, business owners have focused themselves on making their businesses socially relevant than being economically stable. It seems so simple, but most corporations of today no longer manage to “focus on their cores” and have become an “Enterprise Chameleon” and believe it to justify the hasty effect in its incremental sales that as we all know, most likely, won’t be for the long haul. More often than not, with the goal of rapid expansion, most entrepreneurs across all industries believed that the most ideal way of breaking into new marketplaces is to give birth to new markets. It might have worked for some, but in reality, most top-performing companies have achieved sterling success by focusing and improving their core business. You might think that a barbershop business concept might be the most unconventional business structure that we can actually be inspired with, but most barbershops credit its success in business by “keeping it simple.” Some lessons we can learn from a barbershop business: 1. Focusing on your core. Barbershops mainly focus on doing one thing well: men’s haircuts and haircuts for men. Yes, the repetition is made for emphasis. It does not confuse its market with a lot of services, thus, in an owner’s perspective, it gives you more time and thinking to focus on your operations and finances and even greater, with your family’s whereabouts or something else. 2. Just a little extra: Barbershops perfectly know their market. Customers would go for a haircut and would be happy to have some little extras like a massage, a shave or a quick trim around ears without paying any add-on fees. Of course, some Barbershops would offer other non-hair services for an additional fee, say for example, pedicure and manicure services. But yes, guys may get it simply as they want it to be. 3. Customer service beyond required. Another remarkable trait of a good barbershop is a good barber. Our trusted barbers know how to ask us the right questions, whether its related to your haircut or to that girl-next-door you’ve been chasing for weeks or this Philippines-China basketball rivalry that will never be forgotten, he knows what to ask. Such customer relations give more depth to the basic service being offered that would make you feel comfortable of going back and bring some more friends along with you. 4. Cozy, relaxing and the “you” ambiance. While others try to go over the top, becoming too flashy, too modern and loud, focusing on your core helps you create the most suiting environment for your customers. Barbershops dress according to what its customers like. A TV can be present, since most men would like to watch NBA on ESPN, or a stack of magazines about automobiles, sports, or even Avengers. Everything just adds up to the value of your main service. Simplicity has been an ultimate sophistication for The Good Barber Barbershop. It relives the good ole days, like our one-stop-shop local barbershop with interiors designed ala Old Manila and barbers who can be friends, confidantes and trusted service providers. The Good Barber barbershop delivers best quality and premium services at comfortable prices. For client’s added comfort, there is a well-stocked mini library, nice piped-in retro music and a complete line of head to toe pampering for men. With its startling success and focus on giving precision haircut for men, it has also attracted a new market: women. The Good Barber barbershop was able to gain loyal women customers and continues to improve its market potential in tapping young boys and girls. With its success on its first store in Robinsons Galleria, The Good Barber barbershop is now embarking on franchising to spread its feel-good services all over key locations in Metro Manila and beyond. The barbershop business tells us, whether you’re an entrepreneur or an employee, that we should never outgrow our core; that to be successful on whatever we do, we have to be as simple as possible for us to be more understood, highly rated and valued.


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