• Sam Christopher Lim - President

4 retail strategies from Asia's leading pet store

As seen on Entrepreneur Philippines.

ALL FOR PETS. Pet Lovers Centre is the largest pet care chain in Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand.

Photo from The Smart Local Singapore

Retailing, as the popular saying goes, is all in the details.

The retail segment changes fast. Being particular about the details of your retail business directs your focus on understanding your core customers, their needs and demands, and on your brand’s competency.

The same retailing principles apply no matter what market you are in. However, the similarity stops when you figure out your niche as a brand.

The pet care segment is a non-traditional retail segment for some. But for Pet Lovers Centre, the largest pet care chain in Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand, it invested not only in the development of quality pet care products but also in its retail efficiency.

Here are four strategies that have been the key to its growth over the years:

FULL STORE. The Ng brothers, who founded Pet Lovers Centre 43 years ago, shared a common dream to create Singapore’s first one-stop-shop for pet care needs. Photo from The Smart Local Singapore

1. Be a market leader.

Pet Lovers Centre was born from a simple family business. It started around the time when pet ownership was not as widespread