Potato Corner, the biggest flavored French fries brand is offering FREE franchise fee

Updated: Mar 22

By Sam Christopher


CEO, Francorp Philippines

If you see the iconic green logo of Potato Corner, then you’re about to smell and taste the best

potato fries in the country. Potato Corner is indeed a brand that brings out excitement among

its patrons but what makes this year more exciting for the brand is it is now offering free

franchise fee until the end of December.

The pandemic has truly hit the heart of the Philippine economy and this has pushed brands and

businesses to up their game by creating more ways to make their brand relevant, essential, and

profitable. Potato Corner, being at the forefront of the franchising industry, has recently

launched a campaign with two purposes: 1) to make their brand more accessible to aspiring

entrepreneurs and 2) to help entrepreneurs cope up with the impact of the pandemic.

Now, with absolutely free franchise fee, more aspiring franchisees will be able to start and run

their own Potato Corner branch and be the next millionaire.

Choose from three franchise packages and formats

Whether you’re in Luzon, Visayas, or Mindanao, you can open your own Potato Corner branch

and experience the high success rate of being a franchisee of a famous and fast-growing brand.

Here are the three franchise packages and formats of Potato Corner you can choose from:

1) School Cart - Php 145,000

● Three-year contract

● Minimum of 4 sqm

FREE franchise fee (worth Php 100,000)

2) Standard Cart - Php 263,200

● Five-year contract

● Minimum of 4 sqm with 2.4 m height

FREE franchise fee (worth Php 150,000)

3) Customized Package - Php 128,000 (+ construction cost)

● Five-year contract

● Location must have a space for Potato Corner fries design roofing with 2.4 m


FREE franchise fee (worth Php 100,000)

Take note of other aspects to consider as an aspiring Potato Corner franchisee

Aside from the obvious need to have the capital in order to start your own Potato Corner

branch, you also need to fulfill the following aspects:

1) Find the best location

Did you know that Potato Corner has over 1,000 stores all over the world? There are

stores located in USA, Thailand, Canada, Panama, Indonesia, and more. The key to

having a successful franchised business is to find the best location to establish it.

Preferred locations would be those areas that are convenient and accessible, have high

foot traffic, and are near business centers.

2) Possess the following qualifications

If you are financially capable, have the skill and talent for managing a business, and have

the willingness and commitment to manage a Potato Corner branch, then you are

qualified to be a Potato Corner franchisee. You don’t have to worry because along with

the franchise packages are training and marketing programs which will significantly help

you in achieving success.

3) Share the love for the brand

Women and men, young and old, everyone has been charmed by the brand of Potato

Corner. Why? It is because of the consistent quality among all branches that never

seizes to satisfy millions of customers all over the world. If you are one of the many who

just love Potato Corner and its delicious flavored French fries, then you can become a

franchisee of the brand. #

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