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Here are 3 Exciting Food Franchise Concepts in the Philippines

The food franchise category has always been at the forefront of the local franchise industry. Whether you’re looking for a Filipino or Western restaurant to franchise, you are spoiled for choice with unique restaurant concepts all readily available.

With a proven track record and strong franchise systems, here are some exciting food franchise concepts in the Philippines to consider.

Franchise Fee: P900,000

Total Investment: P6 million to P7 million

It all started with a grandmother’s closely guarded recipe for delicious tapa. Handed down from one generation to the next, this recipe somehow found its way into the hands of two of the family’s most enterprising members. And the rest, as they say, is history. The tapa recipe has been parlayed into a very successful chain of fast-food eateries offering not one, but several tapa recipes for different tastes.

In 1987, the aunt-and-niece tandem of Ida de Guzman and Olga de Asis Lozada, foodies at heart, convinced family friend Richard Majul to join them in a unique fast food venture—favorite Filipino breakfast items that can be enjoyed all day. Tapa King started in 1987 as a hole-in-the-wall operation in Gallardo Street, Legaspi Village, in Makati City.

Tapa King became known for their trademark high quality beef cut into strips and marinated perfectly, served with fried egg with golden brown edges. Add golden rice to the mix to make the classic Filipino comfort food that can be eaten morning, lunch, dinner, and late night during overtime work or even after night-outs with friends.

Throughout the years, the company has gradually grown nationwide and has even expanded abroad to Dubai and Singapore, serving classic Filipino meals for the past 31 years. For franchise inquiries, visit their website.

Franchise Fee: P700,000

Total Investment: from P6.6 million

An unforgettable dining experience is hard to come by these days. The combination of scrumptious food, thoughtful service from the crew, elegant ambiance, and reasonable prices is very hard to find. Dabawenyos, however, hardly ever experience this dilemma. Pidoks has been delighting diners there for decades, offering Kapampangan food offerings, top-notch service and a restaurant atmosphere with budget-friendly pricing. Pidoks guarantees that diners will walk out happy every single time.

Kare-kare, bulalo, and pork barbecue: these were the signature dishes of Pidoks back in the 80s, which started as a humble turo-turo stand in Davao.

Peter Mendiola, more commonly called “Pidok,” served as the inspiration behind the name of the startup restaurant. His passion for food and making people happy led to the entreprise’s inevitable success. His exceptional Kapampangan food was embraced by locals and Pidoks has gradually became a cultural landmark in the city.

As times have changed, so did the look of Pidoks, but the flavors remain unchanged to reflect the fine Kapampangan cuisine Dabawenyos have grown to love.

Today, Pidoks is being run by Peter’s daughter Myka and it now has three branches across Davao. Pidoks continues to delight its customers with its unparalleled cuisine and customer service.

Pidoks believes that the rest of the country deserves to experience its signature Kapampangan dishes, hence, its doors are now open for franchising.

Franchise Fee: P500,000

Total Investment: P4 million to P6 million

Casual dining today deserves more than just being “casual.” The market has compelled restaurant concepts to evole into a place where diners not just eat, but spend fun night outs with friends, or a hall that doubles as an event space, or a venue where you can play games as you eat.

Chic n’ Honey is a new restaurant concept that offers honey-based chicken meals and other unique bites and flavors. It is widely known for its Honey Glazed Roasted Chicken and Deboned Chicken Wings priced reasonably to meet every day cravings.

What’s great food if not nestled in a great place? Chic n’ Honey also gives utmost importance in providing a complete dining experience to its customers. It starts with a chic and classy store ambiance (ready your phones for Instagram-worthy aesthetics). Next, the restaurant serves yummy and very healthy meals. Superior customer service is just the cherry on top.

With the food industry continually evolving and competition gets more tough, Chic n’ Honey is committed to build long-term relationships with its customers and clients by service consistency and constant food innovation.


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