Why expand into the Philippines?

Strategic geographic location

  • The Philippines lies in the heart of Asia, today’s fastest growing economic region, making it a potential gateway to more than 550 million people in the Southeast Asian market for your prodcuts and franchises.


Huge market potential

  • The country has taken a high spot in the investment desirability stakes with its 90 million population demanding for products and services

  • The Philippine franchise market is one of the most developed franchise markets in ASEAN


Quality human resources

  • It is the world’s third largest English-speaking country and produces close to 400,000 graduates a year, adding to an already large professional pool

  • Has a literacy rate of 94.6% which is among the highest in the region

  • Its people are friendly and are familiar to the cultures of the East and the West, making the country an ideal second home to expatriates and providing a comfort level for most European business people.

  • ​High quality of franchising professionals due to continuous investments in franchise education


Low cost of doing business

  • Wages are typically less than a fifth of that in the U.S. Local communication, electricity and housing costs are also 50%lower compared to U.S. rates.


Liberalized and Business-Friendly Economy

  • An open economy allows 100% foreign ownership in almost all sectors

  • Self regulated franchise business environment


Developing Infrastructure for Global Growth

  • A well-developed communication, transportation, business, and economic infrastructure links the three major islands

  • Communication provides international connectivity 24/7

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