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Best Grocery & Pharmacy Franchises in the Philippines

Grocery, Convenience Store and Pharmacy franchise businesses continue to be popular with the growth of new franchise brands yearly. Discover over 200 top franchise brands in the Philippines. Get franchise information on the the top Retail franchise opportunities and learn how to franchise the best Grocery, Convenience Store and Pharmacy franchises across the Philippines.

Gamot Publiko

Affordable pharmacy franchise

Retail - Grocery & Pharmacy Franchise Philippines, Gamot Publiko Franchise Fee and Investment, Affordable pharmacy franchise business

Gamot Publiko franchise is one of the most affordable pharmacy franchises in the country. Established in the year 2009, Gamot Publiko franchise promotes health and wellness by providing affordable, effective and quality generic medicines that is supported by its regular medical consultations. Because of its quality franchise operations and excellent marketing support, Gamot Publiko grew to over 50 stores nationwide. Today, Gamot Publiko franchise is looking for more hands-on and passionate partners.

Why franchise?
1. No royalty fee on all additional non-pharma products
2. Free POS system and delivery without minimum amount
3. In-demand concept with fast application approval

Start helping and giving aid to your community by franchising Gamot Publiko franchise - Your Generic Drugstore.

Franchise Fee

Php 120k


Php 627k - 700K

Min. Size (Sqm)



Pharmacy Outlet - Php 627k - 700k

The Generics Pharmacy

Pharmacy Franchise

Retail - Grocery & Pharmacy Franchise Philippines, The Generics Pharmacy Franchise Fee and Investment, Pharmacy Franchise business

Franchise the leading retail pharmacy of the country today!

The Generics Pharmacy provides quality and affordable generic medicines available to everyone. Its franchise system is focused on social responsibility to consumers and business profitability to franchisees. Established in 2001 and franchising since 2007, The Generics Pharmacy has been the leading provider of quality and affordable medicines nationwide.

Why Franchise the Generics Pharmacy?

1) Extremely Affordable franchise packages
2) Very profitable franchise business
3) Easy to learn and operate
4) Socially relevant business that helps provide affordable medicine to Filipino families nationwide
5) TGP is one of the most recognized generic pharmacy brands nationwide

How to Find the Right TGP Location

1) High foot traffic located within major trading areas
2) Near major establishments and competing drugstores
3) Inside supermarkets, malls, shopping centers
4) More than 1km from other TGP Franchise Outlets

Get the top pharmacy franchise in the Philippines today, and join the over 2,000 strong TGP franchise network today.

Franchise Fee

Php 300,000


Php 700k

Min. Size (Sqm)



In Line Store - 674k+

Sacred Heart of Jesus Pharmacy

Pharmacy and Grocery Franchise

Retail - Grocery & Pharmacy Franchise Philippines, Sacred Heart of Jesus Pharmacy franchise fee and investment, Pharmacy and Grocery Franchise business

Sacred Heart of Jesus Pharmacy franchise is a crisis-proof business that offers pharma and non-pharma products that are "sulit at sakto sa kailangan mo".

Sacred Heart of Jesus Pharmacy franchise provides complete, authentic, quality and affordable products such as branded and generic medicines, medical supplies, personal care items and food and beverages. Sacred Heart of Jesus Pharmacy franchise also prides itself for providing honest, fast and friendly customer service.

It started in 2015 as a humble pharmacy store in Mandaluyong City. Three (3) years after, it was able to open another three stores. In the year 2020, Sacred Heart of Jesus Pharmacy have their franchise program developed by Francorp Philippines – the leading franchise consultancy in the country.

Make a smart investment today! Be an owner of Sacred Heart of Jesus Pharmacy franchise - an essential business that is sustainable pandemic or not.

Franchise Fee



Php 1.5M

Min. Size (Sqm)



Pharmacy and Store - Php 1,525,000

Ultra Mega

Mini Grocery Franchise

Retail - Grocery & Pharmacy Franchise Philippines, Ultra Mega Franchise Fee and Investment, Mini Grocery Franchise business

Franchise a medium-scale grocery or convenience store franchise offering from one of the largest grocery goods wholesaler and supermarket chain in the Philippines!

The Ultra Mega Value Mart is a micro-store concept by Ultra Mega Multi Sales, focusing on providing a wide range of quality products at affordable prices and specially located across neighborhoods and business hubs across the country.

It is a brand new retail franchise concept that can be best described as a cross between a convenience store and a grocery. At 40 to 60 square meters, it has the sizing of the average convenience store but maximizes value by carrying a wider range of products. The likes of which, one would typically find at your nearest grocery store all the while maintaining incredible price points that beat out any small store format of a grocery or convenience store franchise. It’s fueled by the Ultra Mega retail system, integrating it fully into our retail operations through logistics support, promotional efforts, pricing development, advertising and marketing initiatives and the like, ensuring that the Value Marts are unified in presence, efficient in operation while personalized in execution.

Make your franchise dream happen with Ultra Mega Value Mart grocery convenience store retail franchise opportunity.

Franchise Fee

Php 250,000


Php 2M+

Min. Size (Sqm)



Mini Grocery - 2M+

Easy Day Shop

Grocery Shop Franchise

Retail - Grocery & Pharmacy Franchise Philippines, Easy Day Shop Franchise Fee and Investment, Grocery Shop Franchise business

Easy Day Shop franchise is the first big-scale grocery franchise targeting mass-market consumers. A recession-proof and New-Normal-ready franchise offering affordable products such as to-go food, canned goods, beverages, frozen goods, and other home essential products - making everyJUAN's life hassle-free.

With over seven (7) years in the retailing industry, Easy Day Shop franchise opportunity proved its quality day-to-day operations from ordering, to selling, up to inventory management. Using the best systems, accurate policies, experienced franchisor, and strong marketing campaigns, future franchisees will surely enjoy Easy Day Shop franchise business while earning!

Franchise Fee

Php 75k - 250k


Php 1M - 3M

Min. Size (Sqm)



Express - Php 1M
Shop - Php 3M

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