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Best Retail Franchises in the Philippines

Pharmacy, Convenience Stores & Grocery franchises continue to be popular with the growth of new franchise brands yearly. Discover over 200 top franchise brands in the Philippines. Get franchise information on the the top Retail franchise opportunities and learn how to franchise the best Pharmacy, Convenience Stores & Grocery franchises across the Philippines.

Shell Gas Station

Gas Station Business in the Philippines

Retail Franchise Philippines, Shell Gas Station franchise fee and investment, Top gas station in the Philippines business

Shell is an international energy company that aims to meet the world’s growing need for more and cleaner energy solutions in ways that are economically, environmentally and socially responsible. Our strategy is to strengthen our position as a leading energy company by providing oil and gas and low-carbon energy as the world’s energy system changes. Safety and social responsibility are fundamental to our business approach.

Shell offers a Company Owned Dealer Operated or CODO business model where dealer's role is to operate the gas station franchise and process all necessary orders.

You can now start owning a Shell franchise in just 6 steps!
1. Submit an application requirement
2. Exam and interview
3. Get retailer pool accreditation
4. Go through Retailer Selection Process
5. Sign the contract
6. Station turnover

Kickstart your dream franchise business with Shell Gas Station franchise!

Franchise Fee

No Franchise Fee


Php 5M - 12M

Min. Size (Sqm)



Gas Station

Gamot Publiko

Affordable pharmacy franchise

Retail - Grocery & Pharmacy Franchise Philippines, Gamot Publiko Franchise Fee and Investment, Affordable pharmacy franchise business

Gamot Publiko franchise is one of the most affordable pharmacy franchises in the country. Established in the year 2009, Gamot Publiko franchise promotes health and wellness by providing affordable, effective and quality generic medicines that is supported by its regular medical consultations. Because of its quality franchise operations and excellent marketing support, Gamot Publiko grew to over 50 stores nationwide. Today, Gamot Publiko franchise is looking for more hands-on and passionate partners.

Why franchise?
1. No royalty fee on all additional non-pharma products
2. Free POS system and delivery without minimum amount
3. In-demand concept with fast application approval

Start helping and giving aid to your community by franchising Gamot Publiko franchise - Your Generic Drugstore.

Franchise Fee

Php 120k


Php 627k - 700K

Min. Size (Sqm)



Pharmacy Outlet - Php 627k - 700k

The Generics Pharmacy

Pharmacy Franchise

Retail - Grocery & Pharmacy Franchise Philippines, The Generics Pharmacy Franchise Fee and Investment, Pharmacy Franchise business

Franchise the leading retail pharmacy of the country today!

The Generics Pharmacy provides quality and affordable generic medicines available to everyone. Its franchise system is focused on social responsibility to consumers and business profitability to franchisees. Established in 2001 and franchising since 2007, The Generics Pharmacy has been the leading provider of quality and affordable medicines nationwide.

Why Franchise the Generics Pharmacy?

1) Extremely Affordable franchise packages
2) Very profitable franchise business
3) Easy to learn and operate
4) Socially relevant business that helps provide affordable medicine to Filipino families nationwide
5) TGP is one of the most recognized generic pharmacy brands nationwide

How to Find the Right TGP Location

1) High foot traffic located within major trading areas
2) Near major establishments and competing drugstores
3) Inside supermarkets, malls, shopping centers
4) More than 1km from other TGP Franchise Outlets

Get the top pharmacy franchise in the Philippines today, and join the over 2,000 strong TGP franchise network today.

Franchise Fee

Php 300,000


Php 674k

Min. Size (Sqm)



In Line Store - 674k+

Phoenix LPG

Affordable LPG Refilling Franchise

Retail - Refilling (LPG & Water) Franchise Philippines, Phoenix LPG Franchise Fee and Investment, Affordable LPG Refilling Franchise business

Phoenix SUPER LPG sells and distributing liquified petroleum gas (LPG) and other petroleum products owned by Petronas Energy Philippines. Phoenix SUPER LPG is one of the top franchise brands that offers a reliable, clean, and safe burning fuel that is good for:

1. Domestic Use: LPG use for cooking, heating, gas lighting, clothes drying.

2. Industrial Use: The use of LPG for cutting, soldering, drying and tannery.

3. Commercial Use: The use of LPG in bigger quantity as required by hotels, hospitals, malls and restaurants.

4. Agricultural Use: The use of LPG in poulty, grain drying and more.

Franchise Fee

Php 100k reservation fee


Php 620k - 1M

Min. Size (Sqm)



LPG Center - Php 620k

Ultra Mega

Mini Grocery Franchise

Retail - Grocery & Pharmacy Franchise Philippines, Ultra Mega Franchise Fee and Investment, Mini Grocery Franchise business

Franchise a medium-scale grocery or convenience store franchise offering from one of the largest grocery goods wholesaler and supermarket chain in the Philippines!

The Ultra Mega Value Mart is a micro-store concept by Ultra Mega Multi Sales, focusing on providing a wide range of quality products at affordable prices and specially located across neighborhoods and business hubs across the country.

It is a brand new retail franchise concept that can be best described as a cross between a convenience store and a grocery. At 40 to 60 square meters, it has the sizing of the average convenience store but maximizes value by carrying a wider range of products. The likes of which, one would typically find at your nearest grocery store all the while maintaining incredible price points that beat out any small store format of a grocery or convenience store franchise. It’s fueled by the Ultra Mega retail system, integrating it fully into our retail operations through logistics support, promotional efforts, pricing development, advertising and marketing initiatives and the like, ensuring that the Value Marts are unified in presence, efficient in operation while personalized in execution.

Make your franchise dream happen with Ultra Mega Value Mart grocery convenience store retail franchise opportunity.

Franchise Fee

Php 250,000


Php 2M+

Min. Size (Sqm)



Mini Grocery - 2M+

H2O Life Source

Singapore Water Refilling Franchise

Retail - Refilling (LPG & Water) Franchise Philippines, H2O Life Source Franchise Fee and Investment, Singapore Water Refilling Franchise business

Franchise the leading water specialist franchise opportunity in the country today!

H2O Mineral Plus is the leading water specialist company in South East Asia. We redefine a new standard of drinking water for the water refilling industry. Our patented Purified Mineral Water system provides not just pure drinking water, but water that is naturally mineralized.

H2O Mineral Plus stations do not remove minerals in the water which are essential for better health. We utilize green technology that cuts water wastage and the use of electricity.

Franchise this water refilling franchise opportunity today!

Franchise Fee

Php 150k to 250k


Php 400k - 900k

Min. Size (Sqm)



Counter - 500k
In Line - 670k
Full Store - 900k

Sacred Heart of Jesus Pharmacy

Pharmacy and Grocery Franchise

Retail - Grocery & Pharmacy Franchise Philippines, Sacred Heart of Jesus Pharmacy franchise fee and investment, Pharmacy and Grocery Franchise business

Sacred Heart of Jesus Pharmacy franchise is a crisis-proof business that offers pharma and non-pharma products that are "sulit at sakto sa kailangan mo".

Sacred Heart of Jesus Pharmacy franchise provides complete, authentic, quality and affordable products such as branded and generic medicines, medical supplies, personal care items and food and beverages. Sacred Heart of Jesus Pharmacy franchise also prides itself for providing honest, fast and friendly customer service.

It started in 2015 as a humble pharmacy store in Mandaluyong City. Three (3) years after, it was able to open another three stores. In the year 2020, Sacred Heart of Jesus Pharmacy have their franchise program developed by Francorp Philippines – the leading franchise consultancy in the country.

Make a smart investment today! Be an owner of Sacred Heart of Jesus Pharmacy franchise - an essential business that is sustainable pandemic or not.

Franchise Fee



Php 1.5M

Min. Size (Sqm)



Pharmacy and Store - Php 1,525,000

Crystal Clear

Water Refilling Franchise

Retail - Refilling (LPG & Water) Franchise Philippines, Crystal Clear Franchise Fee and Investment, Water Refilling Franchise business

Franchise with the best water refilling franchise in the Philippines!

Crystal Clear Water Store has been leading the industry with more than 10 years of unparalleled experience in water purification. It has over 100 refilling stations nationwide and is among the top 3 water stores today. Invest with the most stable and promising water refilling station franchise in the Philippines for a capital as low as Php 600,000.
Start your franchise with this top franchise opportunity.

Franchise Fee


Php 600k

Min. Size (Sqm)



Full Store - 600k

Brent Gas

Lpg Refilling Franchise

Retail - Refilling (LPG & Water) Franchise Philippines, Brent Gas Franchise Fee and Investment, Lpg Refilling Franchise business

Fuel your home and your business with the go-to LPG Franchise in the market! Brent Gas always has you covered whenever you need an LPG or cooking equipment for your next recipe. Never worry about losing your cooking power again with Brent Gas.

As one of the Philippines’ leading liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) brands and innovator of the country’s first LPG convenience store, Brent Gas’ commitment is to be part of every Filipino homes since it first started in 1991. With continued business innovation, infrastructure development, and customer service enhancement, Brent Gas is committed to ensuring prompt delivery of its products and services regardless of location, while its after-sales services focus on equipment efficiency and safety. Brent Gas is strategically located in different areas of Luzon operating with around 250 stores, 11 refilling plants, 3 cylinder manufacturing and repair facilities, and support from over 1000 employees. Brent Gas aims to further expand its store network in the coming years to reach more customers nationwide.

What are you waiting for? The most affordable, demanded, and profitable business is right at your door-step. Franchise your very own Brent Gas branch and fuel other entrepreneurs' goals with your own.

Franchise Fee

Php 168,000


Php 600K

Min. Size (Sqm)



LPG Center - 600k


Furniture And Recliner Dealership

Retail Franchise Philippines, Lazboy Franchise Fee and Investment, Furniture And Recliner Dealership business

Be part of the world's largest recliner brand. Be a distributor in your area today.

Franchise Fee



Php 2M - 5M

Min. Size (Sqm)



Dealership with Exclusive Territory

Cycle House

Retail Franchise

Retail Franchise Philippines, Cycle House franchise fee and investment, Retail Franchise business

Cycle House is the first and only motorcycle and bike franchising company in the Philippines. It is popular for retailing, importing and distributing affordable yet premium-quality bikes, parts and motorcycle accessories. Bike retail shop businesses like Cycle House are considered one of the most profitable businesses today as many Filipino commuters have become bike enthusiasts because of the pandemic, unstoppable gas price hike and the big challenges in the current transportation system.

With the growing demand for motorcycles and bikes, Cycle House has made it possible for aspiring entrepreneurs to replicate the business through franchising. This franchising opportunity is not limited to the Philippines, as the brand is also expanding its concept to other Southeast Asian countries. Cycle House provides support to its franchisees to make sure that all franchisees will also grow and be successful.

Why franchise Cycle House?
• Strong franchise operations and system-wide marketing support
• Established supply chain management
• Get the ROI in as fast as 1.3 years

Kickstart your franchising journey with a recession-proof business and invest in a Cycle House franchise now!

Franchise Fee

Php 100,000


Php 488,000 - 600,000

Min. Size (Sqm)



Retail Franchise Php 488k - 600k

Stone Depot

Best granite, marble, and engineered quartz

Retail Franchise Philippines, Stone Depot franchise fee and investment, Best granite, marble, and engineered quartz business

Building or renovating your home? Make sure you use quality materials!

Stone Depot is known for specializing in high-quality stone products such as granite, marble, and engineered quartz products and installation! It is managed by a team of young and driven individuals who share a passion for creativity, professionalism, and fun.

Why franchise?
1. It offers 50+ stone colors (direct from Quarries Abroad)
2. Surface Finishes (polished, honed, flamed and blush hammered)
3. Wide size selection from 1.60 m x 3.20 m.
4. Multiple profile designs from eased, chamfered, bullnose and more!

Franchise Fee



Php 5.7M - 6M

Min. Size (Sqm)



Center Php 5.7M - 6M

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