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Chings Fried Noodles

Explore the Popular Fried Noodle Franchise!


Ching's Fried Noodles (CFN) started its flavorful journey in 2008, starting from a quaint, cozy store that quickly became a hub of aromatic delights and successes. Since those humble beginnings, CFN's mission has been to excite taste buds and bring smiles, bowl after bowl.

Ching's Fried Noodles's commitment to excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction has elevated them to a revered status among noodle aficionados and esteemed establishments. With each savory creation, we've earned the trust and admiration of a growing community of loyal patrons who savor every flavorful bite.

In 2014, Ching's Fried Noodles expanded its culinary family with the addition of Remilly’s Yema Cake, a confectionary masterpiece that embodies sweetness and indulgence in every layer. Its irresistible charm and delectable taste quickly captured hearts worldwide, adding a new dimension to our flavorful repertoire.

Responding to the increasing demand for more culinary creations, Ching's Fried Noodles heeded the call for franchising opportunities. Thus, "Perfect Bliss Corporation" was born, a dedicated entity focused on turning dreams of owning a slice of our flavorful legacy into tangible realities
Come join Ching's Fried Noodles for delectable journey - where every bite is a celebration of flavor, joy, and togetherness.

Together, let's craft unforgettable moments and sprinkle sweetness across the country!

   Franchise Details   

Franchise Fee

Php 170,000


Php 230,000

Min. Size (Sqm)



Cart Php 230,000

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