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Tomochan Ramen

Affordable Authentic Japanese Food


A new challenger has come to the Philippines! Giving big blows to the ramen industry here in the Philippines, Tomochan Ramen Express is steadily gaining more reputation for being an affordable ramen restaurant with high quality!

Tomochan Ramen Express is the ultimate signature of authentic Japanese food experience starting in the country and succeedingly penetrating the global market with its winning affordable prices, incomparable quality, and a genuine feeling of visiting Japan's food landmarks! Founded by Akiko Okamoto, Tomochan Ramen Express wants to share the authentic Japanese delight to the Filipino community at a reasonable price without sacrificing quality and taste. It's core values also seep into the brand's name, "Tomo" derived from the word "Tomodachi" is a Japanese word for "a friend" and "Chan" is an endearment used for "Miss/Little/Children/Close Friends". No matter the circumstance, you can always be sure that you can find the comfort of good food and people here in Tomochan Ramen Express!

Be part of the ramen family and build your own ramen empire all while building a solid friendship with both you customers and your staff! Franchise Tomochan Ramen Express now!

   Franchise Details   

Franchise Fee

Php 160,000


Php 809,000

Min. Size (Sqm)



Cart / Kiosk
In line

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