5 Reasons to buy a franchise

High success rate (90%)


A USAID Study conducted on new businesses showed that over 90% of those who franchise succeed even after 5 years, vs. only 20% for those who started new business ideas. 


Be your own boss


You own your franchise and every minute you spend on it goes back to your business success. No need to answer to bosses because you are now your own boss. 


Win-Win Partnership


Franchising gives you, the franchisee, the support of an entire franchise business system while in return your give your time and effort to build your franchise business. It's a perfect win-win partnership. 


Be in business for yourself, but not by yourself


Even if you have many great small business ideas, it's hard to start it yourself. With franchising, you can bring your business idea to life with the support of an entire franchise business system and regular support from the franchisor. 


Replicate a proven brand & system

Franchising is duplicating an already proven brand & system, so you have less risk than starting new small business ideas. As a franchisee, you can build on the experience of the franchisor & other franchisees to help you succeed 


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