• Sam Christopher Lim SVP for Marketing and Strategy

Franchise alert! 8 foreign brands looking for franchise partners in the PH

Are you the franchise partner they are looking for?

In the past few years, we have seen the arrival of numerous foreign brands on our shores, and most, if not all of them, have been widely accepted by the Filipino market. This warm reception, coupled with the unceasing clamor for more foreign brands to come to our country, has actually attracted more foreign brands to consider setting up shop in the Philippines.

From a do-it-yourself sushi bar to a 47-year-old ramen restaurant, here are 8 foreign brands that are currently looking for franchise partners in the Philippines. Are you the franchise partner they are looking for?

1. Wing Zone

Craving for some wings? Wing Zone has got you covered. This Atlanta-based restaurant chain specializes in classic American comfort food such as hamburgers, French fries and, you guessed it, buffalo wings. In fact, Wing Zone boasts of having 17 award-winning flavors for its buffalo wings. And even though it now has 103 stores in the United States and Asia, Wing Zone aims to grow even further in the Asean region via franchising, eyeing the Philippines as its next growth market.

2. Keisuke Ramen

There is still room for more ramen in your life. Meet Keisuke Ramen, a ramen restaurant chain from Singapore founded by chef Keisuke Takeda in 1969. Its menu, as expected, focuses on ramen dishes, but it also features some staple Japanese side dishes like gyoza and tamago. After having 50 stores across Singapore and Japan, Keisuke Ramen is now setting its sights on the Philippines.