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This Tutorial Center Franchise Turns Kids into Math Wizards Through Singapore math

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Most Filipinos tend to hate math, even claiming it's not one of their favorite subjects in school. And who can blame them; after all, schools teach math through drills and memorization, methods which are neither effective nor enjoyable for young learners.

Perhaps the Philippines can take some cues from Singapore, as its gradeschoolers are among the best in the world in terms of competitiveness in math literacy. Their secret? Singapore math, of course.

Singapore math, simply put, is a learning framework which aims to teach children math concepts and processes through visual and interactive tools such as toy blocks, colorful worksheets, and even customized apps on digital devices.

This visual and interactive approach of Singapore math allows children to not only understand the underlying logic behind math problems, but to also develop a more positive attitude towards learning math. No wonder Singaporean students become math wizards at such an early age.

Learning Fractions through Lego

Seriously Addictive Mathematics (S.A.M.), an education franchise from Singapore, built on this already effective program and took it a step further with its well-crafted worksheets, engaging classroom environment, and dedicated teachers. Now, S.A.M. is sharing its unique take on Singapore math to Filipino students through its learning centers in the country.

Getting kids seriously addicted to Singapore math

S.A.M, which was founded in 2010 and now has more than 200 centers worldwide, has its own distinct way of getting students seriously addicted to Singapore math.

First, students get a hands-on learning experience as they use concrete objects such as toy blocks, dice, plastic chips, and even paper clips to understand different math concepts and processes in a tangible manner. Then, students learn different math concepts and processes through pictures and illustrations before ultimately learning how to solve math problems through numbers and symbols. It is this step-by-step process which enables students to learn how equations really work, thereby promoting mastery rather than memorization of math concepts and processes.

To further motivate students to learn Singapore math, S.A.M. created an engaging classroom environment where there's also a low student-to-teacher ratio to ensure that each student can be properly attende