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Franchise Talk: Have Php500,000? Look Into These 10 Food and Drinks Concepts that are Hot But Afford

Updated: Aug 22, 2020

As seen on Entrepreneur.com.ph:

Have you always wanted to be a food entrepreneur, but can’t afford to own a full-service restaurant just yet? Don’t let high investment costs deter your dreams of owning a successful food business. Here are our top recommendations for affordable food franchises well below the Php500,000 investment range.


1. Citrus Zone

Turnkey package: Php280,000 - Php350,000

Tired of soft drinks and other sugary beverages? Citrus Zone lets you enjoy fresh fruits on the go with its array of freshly-squeezed juices and lemonades at affordable prices. Citrus Zone runs against the continued popularity of unhealthy, sugary drinks in the market by providing a healthier alternative through its freshly-pressed juices and lemonades.

2. Farron Café

Turnkey package starts at Php499,000.

Enjoying frappuccinos need not cost you an arm and a limb. At Farron Café, you can enjoy frappuccinos and other coffee-based beverages every day at a fraction of the cost. College sweethearts Farwa and Ronnel Hombre, founders of Farron Café, both love coffee-based beverages and believe that good coffee should be enjoyed by Filipinos regardless of their social status. Thus, the couple set out to start a coffee beverage business that offers the most affordable and satisfying frappuccinos in the metro.