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Top 3 Retail and Service Franchises for Digital Entrepreneurs

Pet care, dialysis, security, and printing services can grow through franchising.

The rapid growth of franchising in the Philippines has given rise to more and more unique concepts utilizing franchising to grow their business. Although F&B remains a popular franchise choice, over 55 percent of franchises in the Philippines are now in the retail, service, medical and education sectors. Non-food brands’ core competency is longevity. Such categories, most of the time, do not rely on trends or what’s hot in the market. Their success mostly rely on the growing market demand or consumer needs.

Take a look at these unique franchise concepts available in the market.

1| Pooch Park: Here to Pamper Your Pets

Franchise Fee: P400,000

Total Investment: P2.7 million

Pooch Park is a one-stop shop pet retail and service center that pioneered the “Doggie Day Care” concept in the Philippines. It caters to each phase of a pet’s life cycle: from birth (milk replacements) to death (pet cremation). It also offers affordable pet food and accessories compared to the prevailing SRPs of competitors. It also employs talented pet groomers that offers stylish cuts to pets that would make their owners love them even more! Pooch Park believes in the idea that owning pets shouldn’t be reserved for the privileged few.

The brainchild of entrepreneur Oliver Tan, Pooch Park began with his constant challenging of the current pet care industry practices. He lamented the fact that good quality pet food and accessories were only available to the wealthy classes. He also noticed that there were no pet centers that offer day care services for pets in case their owners would need some time off. These concerns, along with his natural affinity with dogs, brought Pooch Park to life. Today, Pooch Park has over seven branches across Metro Manila.