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Franchise Talk: Top Education Franchises to Consider this Back-to-School Season

Updated: Aug 22, 2020

Back-to-school season can be exciting and stressful at the same time. For most kids, this may be challenging if they are entering a transition year or transferring to a new school. Parents are also challenged to reinstate routines after the summer break and to arrange for new activities and schedules, including facing the resumption of homework.

With Filipinos spending over 15 percent of their monthly household budget for education, the education sector in the Philippines will continue to flourish. And with the introduction of K-12, new or foreign approaches in teaching techniques are being introduced. School curriculums have now started integrating subjects on robotics, computer coding and even Singapore Mathematics. The non-traditional learning centers in the Philippines have evolved from being regular tutorial centers to enrichment centers that aim to improve students’ aptitude in a specific subject through a tailor-fit program based on his/her aptitude test result.

But in investing in a school or tutorial franchise, having enough capital is just secondary to having genuine passion to educate and a keen interest in progressively working with students. To run a school requires a lot of effort and patience.

Here are some of the best education franchise brands in the country today:

Bricks 4 Kidz is a global education franchise where children “LEARN, BUILD and PLAY.” The fun atmosphere in playing and learning with LEGO Bricks stimulates each kid’s curiosity and creativity. The Bricks 4 Kidz classes are designed to teach the fundamentals of S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education, built around proprietary model plans created by engineers and architects.

The Bricks 4 Kidz franchise offers aspiring franchisees flexible center set-ups. For one, franchisees can operate a mobile Bricks 4 Kidz business by just integrating it to schools as an after-class activity, thus renting a space will not necessarily be required, allowing for increased profits.

Total Investment: Php566,000 to Php983,000 (includes franchise fee)

Space Requirements: 30 square meters minimum

Eye Level is the global leader in mathematics and language education with over 30 years of experience. More than two million students have benefited from the Eye Level Program in countries like South Korea, Australia, Canada, Taiwan, USA, China, Singapore and others.

The Eye Level Math program has two main curricular branches: Basic Thinking Math and Critical Thinking Math. Basic Thinking Math is a modular learning series that helps students master the language of math and its essential applications. Critical Thinking Math focuses on developing the key analytical abilities that will make students better lifelong math learners.

The innovative Eye Level English program was developed by members of the faculties of Columbia University and UCLA, a group of K-12 teachers, and the Eye Level R&D team. The program integrates the process of learning to read with the pleasure of reading to learn.

Total Investment: Php500,000 to Php1 million (includes franchise fee)

Space Requirement: 50 square meters minimum

Seriously Addictive Mathematics (SAM) is a Singapore Mathematics enrichment center providing a holistic program that imparts a multitude of skills to educate young minds. More than just rote learning, drill and practice, SAM also focuses on other skills such as critical thinking, heuristics and logical reasoning, meta-cognitive understanding, modeling techniques and situational word problems.

As most of the top private middle schools in the country are now shifting to teaching Singapore Math, more and more parents are becoming aware of the program and the unique holistic advantages the students are accomplishing with it. For franchisees, the SAM program can be integrated in existing schools or education centers or be established as a stand-alone center. SAM now has over 35 centers scattered throughout Quezon City, San Juan, Marikina, Batangas, Bacolod, Cebu, Davao and more.

Total Investment: Php950,000 (includes franchise fee)

Space Requirement: 65 square meters minimum

4. The Unique English Classroom

A highly sought-after English program in Singapore, The Unique English Classroom is a synergistic think-outside-the-box, highly interactive and fun series to accelerate the teaching of English, encompassing 21st century learning competencies. The UEC has found a niche in more than 150 Singaporean primary and secondary schools since it was first introduced in 1996. This program is also supported by the Ministry of Social and Family (Singapore).

The UEC is not your run-of-a-mill English reading and writing program, but rather, a program that focuses on children’s comprehension and logical reasoning designed to boost their confidence with every lesson. Each lesson is fun-filled and exciting, with stories and games, drama and storytelling. The UEC now has three operating centers in Marikina City, West Avenue in Quezon City and Lower Bicutan in Parañaque City.

Total Investment: Php350,000 to Php450,000

Space Requirement: 50 square meters

5. Stag Match Education and Training Group

Founded in Singapore, Stag Match Education and Training Group or SMET is an international robotics program with 18 centers in Singapore, one in Malaysia, four in Australia, one in New Zealand, and one in the Philippines. In Singapore, SMET centers are commissioned by various schools to train their robotics teams that go on to compete in robotics competitions. They now have a record of over 35 regional and international awards. Aside from organizing robotics competitions, SMET’s grand plan in the Philippines is to launch the newest technologies that promote invention. SMET also provides a comprehensive training and step-by-step guide (teacher's manual) on how to teach each robotics lessons.

In Singapore, SMET has been awarded Best Enrichment Experience and Top 100 Singapore Excellence Award. SMET is also approved by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Social and Family in the Lion City.

Total Investment: Php900,000 to Php1.3 million

Franchise Fee: Php400,000

Running an education center franchise could be one of the best decisions you will ever make. You can help build a legacy that molds our country’s future. Catch these education franchises and 700+ other franchise brands in Franchise Asia 2018, the biggest international franchise expo in Asia, or attend a “How to Invest in the Right Franchise Seminar” this July 20-22 at the SMX Mall of Asia.

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