• Sam Christopher Lim - President

Franchise Talk: This Davao-Based Barbershop Proves That It’s Okay to be Macho in an Industry of Chic

Macho Mucho started in General Santos City and expanded to Davao City. It now has seven branches

The men’s grooming industry has experienced a surge in sales in recent years according to a Euromonitor report from March 2016. About 3,000 households in urban and rural areas were surveyed and the views expressed were that they “wanted more gender specific products and were willing to spend more on these.”

With a cornucopia of beautifying products and procedures for men, including facials, shampoos, deodorants, fragrances—sales of which all increased—the challenge for the ordinary guy is where to go for more of these. The floodgates of beauty possibilities have been opened.

It used to be that chaps had only two choices: to go to the traditional barbershop, where services were limited, or to spas and salons where there were more options for grooming services but which still looked “womanly” in branding and ambiance, thus intimidating men.

But those days are long gone.

From brick-and-mortar barber shops and unisex salons, there are now more and more spas and salons catering exclusively to men, many of them with a masculine ambiance that is chic, affordable and inviting at the same time. This new breed of men’s salons has become a big industry today.

Ralph Layco was inspired to strategically position a business to address the needs of modern men. “The barbershop concept is limiting since it was designed to address a specific but outdated niche,” he says. “Men are now more adventurous when it comes to haircuts and styles. They like services with flair.”

Macho Mucho offers services like the Beer Hour and Boss Special (5-in-1 services, including haircut, shampoo, blow dry, hot towel massage, face shave) as well as hair and scalp treatments performed by experienced stylists

His vision was brought to life with the opening of the “The Patrons” No. 1 Barbershop in Davao called Macho Mucho.