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So You Want to Franchise a Korean Food Concept

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

The Korean food craze isn't going away anytime soon.

From song and dance hits, to movies and dramas, Filipinos have fondly embraced Korean culture. Interestingly, the same goes with Korean cuisine. This connection has opened unique opportunities for both customers and entrepreneurs.

Franchise Fee - P500,000

Total Investment - P6.5 million to P7.5 million

What makes Korean barbeque so good? It’s extremely delicious and oftentimes, unlimited. Samgyeopsal House by 25th Turning Point offers all-you-can Korean barbecue and is a place where friends and families can do everything together, and that includes grilling, wrapping, dipping, eating and drinking.

Who would have thought that a simple family reunion would turn out to be a successful business? During Christmas of 2016, Jesi Lee Endrina and Jaimel Tacanay had a simple home-made Korean dinner with their balikbayan brother. The food and drinks were all great, but “doing it together” really made it memorable. Jesi says he was convinced that that kind of memory was something anyone would always want to re-live.

In January 2017, the duo converted their former gourmet burger joint in Tondo, Manila into the first Samgyeopsal House branch. With the store getting much traction, Jesi and Jaimel were able to put up two more in Bambang (Manila) and Sangandaan (Caloocan), in the same year. All their investments for the two added branches were from the sales of their Tondo branch. In 2018, they established their fourth branch in Belfast Fairview, Quezon City, which had an industrial, edgy look and can accommodate 110 pax. In the same year, Samgyeopsal House was launched for franchising.

Franchise Fee - P800,000

Total Investment - P5.6 Million to P6.2 million

Kko Kko, Home of Seoul Chicken, is a homegrown brand conceptualized by TV personality Grace Lee and her mother. It was created with Lee’s goal of sharing Korean food culture to Filipinos. Established in 2016, they made waves among local foodies with their signature dishes, such as their Chicken Cheese Fondue and Volcano Rice. They offer popular Korean food culture in a casual dining approach.

The mother-daughter tandem’s love for food and experiments in the kitchen reflects in Kko Kko’s traditional and contemporary take on Korean cuisine. Mama Lee’s authentic recipes and her daughter’s influences in modern cuisine have helped make Kko Kko a unique Korean restaurant chain.

Diners can have a fun, interactive, and dynamic Korean culinary experience in every establishment of Kko Kko. From pioneering their well-known dishes, they cater to an ever-evolving market by continuously innovating new recipes and flavor combinations to keep the dining experience uniquely Kko Kko’s.


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Chris Lim is the CMO of Francorp Philippines (; President of U-Franchise Sales & Management (; Chairperson and Director for Special Projects, ASEAN Integration-Philippine Franchise Association


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