• Sam Christopher Lim - SVP Francorp PH, President

FranchiseTalk: 10 franchises with no (or low) franchise fees and royalties

Updated: Aug 22, 2020

As seen on Entrepreneur.com.ph

One of the reasons why aspiring franchisees shy away from sealing the deal with their franchise investments is the fear of exorbitant fees from franchisors. Most professionally developed franchise brands go through a process to determine the right amount of fees to charge – high enough to cover their cost and have a bit of profit; low enough so that the franchisees’ profitability is set just right.

But for would-be franchisees, sometimes it still helps to have franchise brands that offer lower fees upfront. We’ve come up with a list of franchisors who have chosen to waive or lower their franchise fees and royalty fees in order to help their franchisees achieve profitability at a much faster rate. Here are ten franchises that have no (or low) franchise fees and royalty fees. Which one are you eyeing to invest in?

1. The Paper Stone

Franchise fee: Starts at Php 100,000 Royalty fee: None

This quality (and quirky!) paper goods store from Singapore is bringing back the joy and beauty of writing to the Philippines. From lined school notebooks to high-grade scrap-booking materials, and even nifty writing implements, The Paper Stone has got it all—in lively and creative designs. Franchise packages include retail kiosks, in-line stores and full stores .