• Rowee Altura

How to Franchise Pure Nectar Cold Pressed Juice

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

Learn business tips on how to franchise your business and create a strong brand globally

When businesses mature, it’s critical to start exploring new income streams to drive continuous growth. Arielle Escalona joined Fruit Magic in 2014 when she was just 22. Coming into a 27-year-old fruit shake family business, she set her sights on modernizing the brand and finding ways to stick to their core while tapping on newer health trends and the growing purchasing power of millennial.

To take the business to the next level, she worked with her dad, Dr. Alan Escalona, to create Pure Nectar—a cold-pressed juice business that incorporates franchising, retail and distributorship. Together, they’ve grown the business to over 300 outlets both locally and internationally.

Franchise Talk: Your family has been in the Fruit Shake business for over 20 years. Why did you start Pure Nectar?​

Arielle Escalona: When I joined the family business under Fruit Magic in 2014, my only task was to revamp and enhance the marketing strategies of the company. As I immersed myself, I realized that there was a need to innovate alongside the changing behavior of consumers and buyers in malls where our kiosks were located. I learned that our previous business model had several inefficiencies that contributed to the decline of sales: we had high pilferage and our income stream was limited to store-level.

I learned through social media that there was a huge demand for quick and easy-to-deliver healthy products for the working millennials. Although the diet delivery companies were on the rise, there weren’t many companies that specialize in producing fruit and vegetable juices. I saw the potential, I pitched the idea to my father and the rest was history.

In a span of three months, I conceptualized Pure Nectar from the name, design, packaging and product offerings, to the overall sales and marketing strategy. We launched the product in five existing Fruit Magic stores in key areas, and carefully studied the response of the market.

Did you have any difficulties expanding the family business into a new category?

I believe that launching anything new, in general, is difficult and challenging for any business. It can spark interest and increase overall sales when it is done right and well, but it can also taint a brand’s reputation when executed poorly.