• Rowee Altura

The Philippines' 'Father of Franchising' Survived COVID-19. Here's His Vision of Tom

Samie Lim looks at the future of the franchising industry.

With the government gradually easing the regulations to manage the spread of COVID-19, businesses and entrepreneurs are starting to gain hope in recovering from the impact of the pandemic. The franchising industry, in particular, has managed to stay alive and proactive through strong operational networks, management, income streams, and most importantly, knowledge-sharing.

Knowledge-sharing has proven its worth as we all are in need of useful information to help us cope with the adverse effects of the pandemic. The Philippine Franchising Association (PFA) has been regularly conducting the PFA e-Kapihan via Facebook Live and Zoom, featuring various topics and personalities in the food, retail, and service industries.

In one of the most recent PFA e-Kapihan sessions, thousands of participants were able to join as big names such as Robert Trota of Max’s, Jose Magsaysay of Potato Corner, Richard Sanz of Bibingkinitan, along with others, shared words of wisdom as the industry takes the road to recovery.

Samie Lim is considered the father of Philippine franchising

The session was also graced by the well-respected “Father of Franchising in the Philippines,” Samie Lim, who shared his experiences and lessons as a COVID-19 survivor and why he thinks that the next five years will be the golden age of franchising.

“I recently recovered from COVID-19, by God’s grace and mercy,” Lim said. “I was given another chance to live and continue to be of service. It has been a long and difficult 60-day journey, and as I recount my story, I couldn’t help but relate it to franchising and how my experience can be paralleled to the industry’s own roadmap to recovery.”

As he recounted his experiences and realizations, he emphasized that together with strong faith, medical help, and compliance to regulations, the road to recovery of the franchising industry (and everyone for this matter) has to be guided by the three A’s: Assess, Act, and Accelerate.