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Persian Avenue, Bente Silog & Chic N' Honey Are Now Open for Franchising

Good news to all aspiring franchisees who look for new brands to franchise! Persian Avenue, Bente Silog, and Chic N' Honey is now open for franchising. These food/restaurant brands are proven successful, profitable and offers quality franchise support. Check them out:

Persian Avenue is a purveyor of craveable Mediterranean-inspired snacks and meals served from the heart. With its over 40+, Persian Avenue proved that

its franchise business is sucessfull and profitable. Its ROI for kiosk can get within 9-11 months.

Franchise Package: Php 850,000

Bente Silog is the one of the most successful brands in the franchise industry today. It offers silog meals starting P20. With the increased number of demand for a delicious and low-cost meals, Bente Silog expanded from 20 to 50 branches nationwide. For the year 2019, Bente Silog is targeting to open 100 branches.