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Franchise Talk: 4 Top Franchise Recommendations for Retirees

Updated: Aug 22, 2020

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Retirement is another chapter in one’s life that can both be thrilling and boring. This can really be up to the retiree—he or she can take it easy, just relax and enjoy being at home with the grandkids, or they can use their time and resources to fulfill an unfulfilled passion.

With an empty nest, the house all paid up and more free time and funds available, a retiree can have all the good things in life with less responsibility—perhaps going out with high school and college classmates, attending reunions, playing golf, or sipping cocktails at a veranda overlooking the sunset. These are all nice and retirees deserve all of them. After being in the work force for 40 plus years, braving the everyday commute or drive, beating unending deadlines, saving for their kids’ college education, insurance, athletic activities, and maybe a son or daughter’s wedding, retirees deserve a relatively laidback life.

While these activities can be very enjoyable, all of it costs money. Before the retirement benefits run out, it’s always a good idea to go into a more exciting but profitable endeavor that might not be as time-consuming but can give the best returns for one’s investment, especially because hard-earned retirement funds would most likely be put into this activity.

Retirees can always consider a franchise business. As a franchisee, the retiree is not alone in running the outlet. He has a partner in the person of the franchisor who will provide him with the business basics—use of the name and logo, site selection and evaluation, a complete franchise operations manual, a business structure plan, assistance in marketing and start-up activities, research and development on new products and services, as well as sales training support and continuing franchise advice.

And because a franchise business has a 90-percent success rate, the retiree as the new franchisee does not need to reinvent the wheel. The good-named brand he chooses to franchise will help him enjoy the returns he expects, as long as he cooperates with the franchisor and follows the proven franchise system. Here are some of the top franchise recommendations for retirees:

1. Pulse Creative Innovation (PCI)

Pulse Creation Innovation Franchise