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There are always two sides to every situation and the key to finding success is understanding both sides and seizing the opportunity to make something good out of it. So, instead of getting hampered by the pandemic lockdowns, Mr. Manuel Sy-Quia saw it as a time for a change in his life.

As a long-term professional with years of experience working in different companies, Manuel decided to resign from work and focus more on his graduate studies and family before the pandemic hit. The first time he came across Bang Bang Special Crispy Bangus was during a lockdown when his mother saw an ad on Facebook, and they eventually went to pick up an order from a branch in Pasig. This encounter would pave the way for a change in Manuel’s life.

“I liked their product,” said Manuel, “I thought it was really good, really flavorful, and clean tasting.” Apart from these, Manuel found several reasons to invest and franchise the brand. “When I visited their stall in Amang Rodriguez, I was impressed with the store design and also the packaging. I thought it showed good attention to detail and customer experience on the part of Ms. Lucci and Sir Mike Canlas (husband-and-wife owners of the brand),” Manuel elaborated.

Manuel knows that there aren’t many franchises that specialize in fish takeout and he thought investing into one would set him up for a market that might diversify away from chicken and pork. “Bang Bang was still growing and I had the chance to be one of the pioneering franchisees. I figured out that after meeting Ms. Lucci, they had the chops to really grow the brand,” Manuel added.

In April 2021, Manuel opened his Bang Bang franchise store along the busy road of Shaw Boulevard, right across the street where PhilHealth Central is located. About to celebrate their first anniversary, Manuel gladly shares his insights and tips to fellow entrepreneurs.

Six tips to fellow entrepreneurs

1) Take the challenge and seize the opportunity

The pandemic has brought insurmountable challenges, and for Manuel’s business venture, the challenge lies in getting the market’s attention. “People’s spending habits may have changed, but they are still spending,” he said.