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Best Food Franchises for Under P1-Million

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

Find the best franchise businsses in the Philippines for under 1M. From Shawarma, Katsu, Tapa franchises and more.

Frnachise Businesses for under 1M, Franchise Philippines

If you're looking for a quick and easy food business, consider these new franchises.

Starting your own food business doesn’t mean you have to break the bank. These new food franchises can be started with less than P1 million capital.

1. Mr. Katsu

Franchise Fee: P160,000 - 200,000

Total Investment: starts at P499,000

Mr. Katsu serves rice meals in new and exciting ways with its own take on katsudon, omurice and cha-han. Started in 2017 by a pair of entrepreneurs who believe in offering better quality ingredients at affordable prices, Mr. Katsu was established as proof that making budget-friendly meals without sacrificing quality and taste can be a successful hit.

Its golden-fried and flavor-packed katsudon complemented with their delicious sauces is always a bestseller, while its delectable omurice and chahan prove to be a solid staple among customers. There is a wide range of sauces and fillings, helping ensure that customers will never get bored of the menu. They are also allowed to choose their deep-fried meat, whether it’s pork, chicken or fish, then combine it with their choice of sauce (ranch barbecue, cheesy garlic, spicy kungpao, teriyaki and gravy) served with vegetables over rice.


Cart / Kiosk:

Franchise Fee: P180,000

Total Investment: P485,000 - 610,000