• Rowee Altura

Top 7 Franchise Brands starting at Php 50,000

Here’s a rundown of affordable franchises up to P250k to invest in this 2021. Learn how to franchise Mister Donut, Potato Corner, Farron Cafe, Go Ginataan, Kerrimo, The Lost Bread and Ilaw Atbp.

Mister Donut Franchise, Potato Corner French Fries Franchise, Farron Cafe Barangay Cart Franchise

Everybody is on the lookout for anything affordable, quality, and cost-effective. From simple purchases to major expenses, it’s always a plus factor if you can get the most value for your hard-earned money.

And since we’re on the road to recover from a year filled with challenges, one of the best ways to bolster your bounce-back plan is to go into business, particularly into franchising.

Here’s a quick list of affordable food franchises from credible brands starting at P50,000.

1 | Go! Ginataan Distribution franchise starts at Php 50,000

Go Ginataan Franchise, Distributor Franchise

Topping our list is Go! Ginataan, a unique food concept offering delectable ginataan with a twist of ice cream and toppings.

With this franchise brand, you are going to invest only P50,000 for its distributor format, P229,000 for its cart format, P249,000 for its kiosk format, and P349,000 for its counter format. The founders of Go!

Go! Ginataan wanted to uphold the taste of home and the feeling of comfort whenever customers sample the Filipino delicacy ginataan. But they made sure to bring in some inventiveness as they introduced ginataan products with ice cream and other exciting toppings.

2 | The Lost Bread