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Health and Wellness Franchises You Shouldn’t Miss and How Much They Cost

If health wasn’t at the topmost priority among Filipinos pre-pandemic, it surely claimed the number 1 spot during and post-pandemic. Gone are the days when we visited clinics or hospitals only when we felt the need to have something diagnosed and treated. In fact, Filipinos are now more engaged in taking preventive measures in order to boost immunity, retain strength and health, and detect illnesses even before they get worse.


This trend brought about the rise in popularity and demand for health and wellness products and services across the country. The potential for growth and profitability in the health and wellness industry has never been this high. Leveraging that potential, many concepts are taking the franchising industry by storm with the goal of further promoting health and wellness in the communities they are a part of. Here are the top health and wellness franchise concepts in the country today:


Pharmacy Franchises


The Generics Pharmacy (TGP)The Generics Pharmacy or TGP provides quality and affordable generic medicines available to everyone. TGP is focused on social responsibility to consumers and business profitability to franchisees. Established in 2001 and franchising since 2007, TGP has been the leading provider of quality and affordable medicines nationwide.


Current number of outlets: More than 2000

            Franchise investment: Starts at Php 700,000

            Why franchise: Pioneering and leading pharmacy franchise, nationwide expansion


Gamot Publiko - Gamot Publiko franchise is one of the most affordable pharmacy franchises in the country. Established in the year 2009, Gamot Publiko promotes health and wellness by providing affordable, effective and quality generic medicines. Because of its quality franchise operations and excellent marketing support, Gamot Publiko now has over 50 stores nationwide.


Current number of outlets: 43

            Franchise investment: Starts at Php 627K - 700K

            Why franchise: Free POS system and lower investment cost.


Sacred Heart of Jesus Pharmacy -  Sacred Heart of Jesus Pharmacy is a pharmacy + convenience store providing complete, authentic, quality and affordable products such as branded and generic medicines, medical supplies, personal care items and food and beverage. Starting as a humble pharmacy store in 2015 in Mandaluyong City, Sacred Heart of Jesus Pharmacy franchise prides itself for providing honest, fast and friendly customer service.


            Current number of outlets: 9

            Franchise investment: Starts at Php 930K

            Why franchise: Pharmacy + Convenience Store Format. Availability of pre-approved locations.


Health Center Franchises


NephroMed Asia Dialysis Center - NephroMed Asia franchise builds and operates free-standing or hospital-based dialysis centers to bring high quality and affordable dialysis treatments closer to patients suffering kidney disease. Starting from 2016, NephroMed Asia ensures to deliver the highest level of medical expertise and the best kind of kidney care practices. Dialysis treatment has never been more accessible and affordable for patients from all walks of life.


Current number of outlets: 7

            Franchise investment: Starts at Php 15M

            Why franchise: Rising demand for accessible dialysis centers and Government subsidies given to patients.

Health Screen Laboratory and Diagnostic Center - Health Screen Laboratory and Diagnostic Center is a DOH-accredited, secondary laboratory facility bringing the best of health screening services to Filipinos at affordable rates. It offers routine laboratory tests, drug testing, vaccination and pre-employment and annual physical exam packages. It is also DOH-compliant and approved to conduct Rapid Antigen Swab and Covid Testing with results released in just one hour. Health Screen Diagnostics franchise have invested in systems and software to keep them up to date and competitive.


Current number of outlets: 6

            Franchise investment: Starts at Php 16M

            Why franchise: Wide-range of diagnostics services at affordable prices

316 Diagnostic + Laboratory - 316 Diagnostic + Laboratory was established to address the growing demand for reliable and accessible diagnostic services in Bohol. Recognizing the inconvenience of traveling between barangays or even to Cebu for lab tests, its owner, Mr. Eugene Sanchez seized the opportunity to create a local solution. Through their unwavering commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, 316 Diagnostic and Laboratory has gained the trust of over 50,000 clients and partnered with over 20 HMO providers and is still growing. Their comprehensive range of services includes X Ray, Immunology & Serology, Clinical Microscopy and Chemistry, Ultrasound, Hematology, and more.


Current number of outlets: 1

            Franchise investment: Starts at Php 14M

            Why franchise: Wide range of services and HMO-accredited.

Skincare Franchise


Derma Circles - Derma Circles is an easy-to-operate skincare and aesthetic center helping people discover their skin's potential through personalized guidance and professional skincare treatment. Founded by board-certified dermatologist Dra. Angeli San Pedro-Garcia in 2020, Derma Circles offers professionally-formulated treatments with higher concentrations, ensuring safe and effective professional skincare by using only professional and medical-grade machines. Its highly-trained aestheticians and facialists are also committed to providing exceptional results.


Current number of outlets: 3

            Franchise investment: Starts at Php 4.6M

            Why franchise: Very affordable yet quality Skin Care services


Are you interested in franchising these health and wellness concepts? You may call/text  (+632) 8634.05.86, (+632) 8634.37.17, (+63920) 983.02.47, or (+63917) 881.69.99 or email or visit


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