• Rowee Altura

Here's How You Can Save Up to P400,000 on a Shawarma Shack Franchise

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

If the Buy 1-Take 1 shawarma is not enough to catch your attention (and love), then maybe P400,000 in savings might.

This year, Shawarma Shack is slashing hundreds of thousands of pesos from their original franchise fees. To kick off 2021, the first 21 franchisees will get a discounted franchise fee of just P90,000 across all franchise formats. That adds up to P400,000 in savings.

But beyond achieving the goal of growing exponentially, especially outside of Metro Manila, the main reason for the promo is to help Filipinos bounce back from the impact of the pandemic by helping them run their own business.

From being a humble shack in Manila in 2015 to being one of the most successful shawarma brands in the country today, Shawarma Shack is the brand of real affordability, real quality, and real profitability.

Here are the details of Shawarma Shack’s new franchise package fees. Take note that the numbers below are the initial investment and they already include the 90K franchise fee:

1| Mall cart

Total Investment

Now: P640,000

(From P850,000. Save P200,000)

2| Non-mall cart

Total Investment

Now P778,000

(From P988,000. Save P200,000)

3| Restaurant

Total Investment

Now P3.090 million