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Low on budget? Here are franchises you can own starting at P199k

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

As the golden age of franchising emerged along with the nation’s bounce back phase, it is amazing to see more and more franchise brands come up with affordable packages that can cater to the ever-growing, increasingly diversified entrepreneurs in the country.

Gone are the days when only the rich could go into business. Today, the opportunity has expanded and made it possible for anyone with the right capital, the right skills, and the right guidance to make it in business.

Here are five franchise packages worth considering in terms of brand recognition and credibility, franchise support, and quality and affordability:

1) Farron Cafe - starts at P199K

With over 300+ franchises nationwide and still growing, Farron Cafe is among the few sought after beverage franchises in the country today. This concept is borne out of the love of a young couple, Farwa and Ronnel, who shared a common passion for coffee beverages in their younger years while studying at a local university and even until they started a family.

“Find love in every cup” of Farron Cafe’s affordable yet delicious, carefully crafted lineup of coffee and frappe drinks with prices starting at only P90+.

With a total investment starting at P199K for the Cart package, aspiring entrepreneurs and coffee enthusiasts can start their own business and share the love and passion for coffee in their community. Farron Cafe also offers Kiosk and Cafe formats with a total investment of up to P1.2M.

2) Mister Donut - starts at P337K

Mister Donut started serving warm, delicious donuts complimented by a special brew of coffee in the streets of Boston, U.S.A in 1955. The word about this delightful donut has spread, prompting Mister Donut to open stores in many different states, including Asia.

Here in the Philippines, the first Mister Donut store opened in Recto, Manila in 1982. Year after year, its number of stores grew and now it has over 2,200 network of shops, including innovative tie-ups with leading convenience stores, petroleum and cinemas; undoubtedly making Mister Donut the most accessible and the most franchised American brand in the Philippines.

Today, Mister Donut offers its regular kiosk franchise starting at only Php 337k. They also recently introduced the MD PLUS Package that includes Tricycle + Kiosk bundle starting at P540K[1] - a format that enables more mobility and convenience, making Mister Donut more accessible to its customers. If you’re a newbie franchisee and just want to try out, Mister Donut also offers a 90-Day Business Trial Package for indoor and inline locations for only Php 100k.

3) Frotea - starts at P350K

Frotea started as a FroYo (Frozen Yogurt) and Milk Tea store concept, hence the slick name ”Frotea”. Frotea was established in September 2012 at Puerto Princesa Palawan by owner Engr. Ana Lustre Malijan.

Born at the hype of froyos and milk teas, it was critical for brands to really stand out against booming competition and be sturdy enough to withstand fad. Ana and her team went to formal training with international suppliers to upkeep quality standards, which most competing brands tend to neglect.

With a total investment starting at P350K for the Kiosk format, Frotea is a very competitive franchise concept loved by the community and cherished by customers due to its healthy and delicious product offerings. Frotea also offers a Full Store format worth up to P700K.

4) Island Tea Co. - starts at P350K

The only beverage franchise concept that serves authentic Ceylon tea from Sri Lanka, Island Tea Co. is known and loved for their 100% natural pure Ceylon tea flavors and fusion drinks.

The Island Tea Co. franchise bridges the gap between the milk tea and coffee industry by offering a wide range of products and introducing a new tea base - 100% Pure Ceylon Tea. Also, it is the only franchise that offers 24 tea bases that will surely capture a wider consumer base. What makes the Island Tea Co. franchise more exciting is its 75% to 80% gross profit margins.

Aspiring franchisees can now franchise Island Tea Co. starting at P400K, a Kiosk (medium) format starting at P450K, a Casual Inline format starting at P590K, and a Flagship Inline format starting at P1.280M.

5) Pepa Wings - starts at P535K

Known as the “home of affordable chicken wings”, Pepa Wings started out from bazaars and food halls in 2017. However, as the demand for their chicken wings grew, Pepa Wings decided to set up a store permanently so more people can enjoy their affordable and tasty product offerings.

This concept centers not just on chicken wings, but also on delivery-friendly food, versatile menu, and franchise formats focused on take-outs and deliveries to help franchisees thrive in the new normal.

Pepa Wings offers three franchise packages with the Cart / Stall format starting at P535K, and the Counter format starting at P800K.

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