Best Bakery & Cafe Franchises in the Philippines

Bakeshop, Bread and Café franchises continue to be popular with the growth of new franchise brands yearly. Discover over 200 top franchise brands in the Philippines. Get franchise information on the the top Food franchise opportunities and learn how to franchise the best Bakeshop, Bread and Café franchises across the Philippines.

12-C4 Bread Station

Bake Shop Franchise

Food - Bakery & Cafe Franchise Philippines, 12C4 Bread Station Franchise Fee and Investment, Bake Shop Franchise business

Turn the ordinary days of ordinary Filipinos to an extraordinary experience with a little help from Bread Station. Franchise this essential business to every Filipinos hearts and you will surely get your blessings back ten-fold.

​Bread Station had started out as a humble stand-alone kiosk in Valenzuela City which later expanded on Gateway Complex and the rest of the Metro. Bread Station has quickly and inventively became the Philippines' premier bakery store for every Filipino to enjoy. And it's no wonder that Bread Station has achieved this much because according to a research done by Nielsen Research Company Philippines, the top 5 most frequently visited establishments by Filipinos are; fastfood restaurants, drugstores, convenience stores, supermarkets, and of course bakeries. Bread has been the staple of Filipino breakfast and snack so why not leverage that staple into your own profit and success with Bread Station?
It's not enough to franchise just a simple bakery store for the sake of it. Entrepreneurs should always go the extra mile with a solid plan, business, and brand. Franchise Bread Station today to get your share of the bakery market pie.

Franchise Fee

Php 100,000


Php 500k - 900k

Min. Size (Sqm)



Kiosk - 500K
Counter - 900k

Farron Café

Coffee Kiosk Franchise

Food - Bakery & Cafe Franchise Philippines, Farron Cafe Franchise Fee and Investment, Coffee Kiosk Franchise business

Franchise the best coffee franchise with the most affordable frappucinos in the metro!

Farron Cafe is a business idea borne out of love. Young couple, Farwa and Hombre, shared a common passion for coffee beverages in their younger years while studying at a local university and even until they started a family. Both believed in the idea that good coffee and those popular frap drinks should be enjoyed by every Filipino regardless of their social status. Start your franchise with this top franchise opportunity.

Franchise Fee

Php 168k to 280k


Php 199k - 1.2M

Min. Size (Sqm)



Cart, Kiosk, Cafe

Caffe La Tea

Milk Tea And Coffee Franchise

Food - Bakery & Cafe Franchise Philippines, Caffe La Tea Franchise Fee and Investment, Milk Tea And Coffee Franchise business

Instantly gain a sense of comfort and positive energy. Caffe La Tea mixes the earthiness and simplicity of bodega, playful, and zest modern design.

Love for the scrumptious food, creative drinks and a good chat with friends are the creators of Caffe La Tea all have in common. Inspired by travels around and out of the country and going crazy on every food spot, the owners decided that it’s time to offer the city something fresh, vibrant and original. The creation of Caffe La tea was to provide a cozy, comfortable place for friends to gather and chit-chat while filling their cravings with a great cup of coffee, tea or with a perfect sweet dessert!

It's time to serve quality and delightful products that's sure to keep the environment clean. Franchise your own Caffe La Tea now to get the good vibes rolling in every street!

Franchise Fee

Php 250k - 650k


Php 599k - 4M

Min. Size (Sqm)



Milk Tea Cart - 599k
Coffee Cart - 699k
Kiosk - 1.1M
Full Cafe - 4M

Figaro Coffee

Coffee Franchise

Food - Bakery & Cafe Franchise Philippines, Figaro Coffee Franchise Fee and Investment, Coffee Franchise business

Franchise one of the fastest growing coffee chains with over 80 outlets in the Philippines.

Figaro Coffee Company brings the FILIPINO COFFEE to the WORLD since 1993. Figaro's prides itself in serving coffee made from freshly-roasted beans sourced from all over the Philippines. Our coffee is roasted every week before delivery to all stores to ensure freshness and the perfect cup. With its unique European-style ambiance and restaurant-style service, Figaro promises to exceed customers' expectations each and every time.

As a franchise business, franchising Figaro gives aspiring franchisees the strong advantage of using an established brand and world-class products. The demand for homegrown coffee cafe continues to grow and gives Figaro franchisees long-term success.

Have your very own coffee cafe franchise with Figaro Coffee Company Franchise Opportunity!

Franchise Fee: Php 600,000
Total Investment: Php 3.2 Million
Space Requirement: 15-20 sqm

Franchise Fee

Php 600k to 1.5M


Php 3.2M to 7M

Min. Size (Sqm)



Cart- 3.2M
Kiosk- 5.5M
Full Store - 7M


Baked Goods Franchise

Food - Bakery & Cafe Franchise Philippines, Boulangerie22 Franchise Fee and Investment, Baked Goods Franchise  business

Bake to your heart's content with Boulangerie22! Get the best of both worlds by franchising the industry leading business in baking technology as well as adhering to traditional baking practices.

Ever since Boulangerie22's first opening Makati City, they have since opened eighteen more bakery-cafes strategically located in high-traffic malls and commercial areas in Metro Manila and the rest of Luzon. Coming from the French word for bakery, Boulangeries are considered a French institution, and the tradition of bread-making a prized custom. As an homage to this glorious tradition, Boulangerie22 embarked on a journey that took them to the picturesque French country side in search for the perfect starter–a 140-year old heirloom sourdough. What makes Boulangerie22 even more unique in the Philippines today is its state-of-the-art, fully automated commissary that employs advanced, not to mention efficient, Japanese technology. This not only provides precision baking, but also honors the age-old baking practices.

Experience the fusion of art and science with Boulangerie22 now! Franchise your next European and Asian inspired baked goods so you can have your dream bakery.

Franchise Fee

Php 490,000


Php 2.7M+

Min. Size (Sqm)



Full store - 2.7M


Coffee & Tea Franchise

Food - Bakery & Cafe Franchise Philippines, Beanleaf Franchise Fee and Investment, Coffee & Tea Franchise business

Savor every moment and relax to the beat of the beans with Beanleaf. From coffee, to tea, and frappes, there's nothing more to worry about with Beanleaf's diverse menu and great atmosphere.

With its unique concept and highly enticing menu selection, Beanleaf aims to keep connecting customers by offering them a venue where they can easily satisfy their cafe cavings and enjoy quality time and friends, colleagues and loved ones in a more relaxing setting. Developed to give customers a more satisfying cafe experience, Beanleaf menu meant being able to effectively bring together coffee – and tea-based drinks along with a more inventive take on comfort food favorites. Paying keen attention to the quality of its products, customer satisfaction is always guaranteed whether they have a traditional milk tea favorites. With Beanleaf’s strength being its ability to adapt to customers’ needs by offering a new take on the usual favorites, Beanleaf offers a wide-range of exclusive beverages.

Get the time to relax and enjoyment you need with Beanleaf and drink the tastiest coffee you can find in the Philippines. Franchise now and get a head start on everyone else!

Franchise Fee

Php 390,000


Php 1.4M - 3.9M

Min. Size (Sqm)



Kiosk - 1.9M to 2M
Full Store - 3.7M to 3.9M


Dessert Franchise

Food - Bakery & Cafe Franchise Philippines, Cassalu Restaurant Franchise Fee and Investment, Dessert Franchise business

Own the best food franchise brand that produces quality food and signature cheesecakes! Get your own Cassalu Restaurant franchise now.

Cassalu Coffee & Kitchen is the home of the Original Dozen Flavors Cheesecake. A full restaurant serving specialty coffee, savory meals, freshly baked cakes and Filipino fusion cuisine. We are inclined to take dining experience as an exciting lifestyle statement. Cassalu aims to promote high-quality coffee by improving every step of the process, from growing coffee plants to brewing it into a cup. That experience sets the Cassalu apart and makes it different.

Franchise a unique restaurant business that would shake the very foundations of the food industry with Cassalu Restaurant franchise! Inquire now to get the complete cheesecake experience.

Franchise Fee

Php 150,000


Php 2.5M

Min. Size (Sqm)



In-line 1M to 2M