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Caffe La Tea

Coffee, Milk Tea & Food


Instantly gain a sense of comfort and positive energy. Caffe La Tea mixes the earthiness and simplicity of bodega, playful, and zest modern design.

Love for the scrumptious food, creative drinks and a good chat with friends are the creators of Caffe La Tea all have in common. Inspired by travels around and out of the country and going crazy on every food spot, the owners decided that it’s time to offer the city something fresh, vibrant and original. The creation of Caffe La tea was to provide a cozy, comfortable place for friends to gather and chit-chat while filling their cravings with a great cup of coffee, tea or with a perfect sweet dessert!

It's time to serve quality and delightful products that's sure to keep the environment clean. Franchise your own Caffe La Tea now to get the good vibes rolling in every street!

   Franchise Details   

Franchise Fee

Php 250k - 650k


Php 599k - 4M

Min. Size (Sqm)



Milk Tea Cart - 599k
Coffee Cart - 699k
Kiosk - 1.1M
Full Cafe - 4M

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