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Samgyeopsal House

Unlimited Korean BBQ


Heat up those pans and ready those meats, because Samgyeopsal House is now open for franchising! Indulge in delicious-to-the-max Korean barbecue at the best price.

Samgyeopsal House is the home of the best all-you-can-eat Korean barbecue! It’s a place where friends and families can do everything together – grilling, wrapping, dipping, eating and drinking! Nothing beats having a great time with the best food and people. With Samgyeopsal House, you can enjoy delicious Korean food in unli-serving and unli-time at everyday prices. Whether it’s a birthday celebration or small toasts of success, Samgyeopsal House can be your home, away from home.

Get that Korean restaurant business you've always wanted with Samgyeopsal House. Now you can offer quality meat and experience to the masses at a great price for a great investment.

   Franchise Details   

Franchise Fee

Php 500,000


Php 6.5M - 7.5M

Min. Size (Sqm)



In line

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