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New Food Brands Alert! Amazing Food Brands Now Open for Franchising

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

Samgyeopsal House, The Lost Bread and Beanleaf Cafe Now open For Franchising. Been thinking about franchising a brand?Check out these new, exciting and fast-growing franchise brands you might want to consider getting!

The Lost Bread is the leader of specializing soft-served ice cream, milkshakes and french toasts. With its simple operations and strong marketing campaign, aspiring franchisees are expected to get quality franchise business, high margins and fast ROI.

Total Franchise Investment: Php 499k-799k

Beanleaf offers unique product selection from coffee, milk tea, rice meals, pasta and delightful snacks. Aspiring franchisee can handle Beanleaf easily as it conducts excellent training, and give strong research & development and franchise support.

Total Investment: Php 1.410M

Samgyeopsal House is considered as a high-profit making business, especially today - Filipinos are unstoppable when craving for Korean barbecue. Franchising Samgyeopsal House is a good choice as it offers excellent operations training, high profit, and quality business.

Total Investment: Php 6M-7.5M


Need help choosing a franchise?

Inquire now to join our "How to Invest in the Right Franchise Seminar" with selected franchise brands. There will be a Franchise 101 discussion and more. Learn from the franchise experts in the franchise industry. Registration fee includes meals and franchise kit.

To reserve a seat, please contact Rowee at 0917-881-6999 or email


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