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Top 3 Unique Franchise Opportunities beyond the Food Industry

Franchises aren't just about food! You might think of burgers and fries, but franchises can be anything from treating your scars to filling your carts.  

If you are planning to open a business and you are the type of entrepreneur who is not into F&B, you have options to explore service and retail concepts.


Below are three non-food franchise concepts you might want to consider for your next franchise venture:

Derma Circles is a service franchise concept offering skincare treatments using medical-grade machines backed by highly trained aestheticians. It aims to help treat skin problems such as discoloration, pigmentation, and more.

Why Franchise Derma Circles?

  • Safe, effective and accessible skincare treatments for all people of all ages

  • Easy-to-operate skincare and aesthetic center with comprehensive training 

  • High-growth industry for personalized skincare products and services


Capital Investment starts at Php 4.6M


Powerhouse Tools is the country's top retail franchise, offering tough tools and high-demand products, from welding machines to LED lighting, essential for construction and home improvement. With a growing number of stores, Powerhouse has proven its profitability, market demand, and scalability.


Why Franchise Powerhouse Tools?

  • Comprehensive selection of hardware products that caters to both DIY enthusiasts and professional builders

  • Proven franchise success with over 80 branches nationwide.

  • ROI in 2 years and No Royalty Fee


Capital Investment starts at Php 3.7M


Ride the waves of the Hallyu trend with Funhan Mart, the first and top Korean convenience store franchise in the Philippines. Since its launch, Funhan Mart has rapidly expanded with a mission to offer an authentic Korean shopping experience at everyday prices


Why Franchise Funhan Mart?

  • Offers a wide range of Korean favorites, from ramen noodles and snacks to kimchi and other comfort food

  • Products are sourced from the biggest suppliers from Korea

  • Recognized brand name with millions of online engagement


Capital investment starts at Php 4M

Investing into franchises beyond food and beverage offers a completely new investment landscape. By exploring the franchise opportunity of Derma Circles, FunHan Mart and Powerhouse Tools, you can reach a fresh audience and deliver exciting new experiences.


Unleash your entrepreneurial spirit in uncharted territories – the future awaits!


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