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Adobo Connection, Sisig Society, Chopstop, and more Food Brands are now Open for Franchising!

Restaurant Franchise is one of the top franchise opportunities today. Franchise experts say it is a great business to invest in, and brings good and fast return on investment (ROI). Check out these restaurant brands that will make your franchise dream come true!

Adobo Connection is a chain of restaurants that serves a variety of adobos at everyday-affordable prices. From the dirty kitchen, Adobo Connection has taken Mama's Adobo and taken it to a setting where it can be enjoyed more tastefully.

Franchise Package: Php 2.5M - 5M

Sisig Society offers Sisig and other popular Filipino street food such as Choriburger, fish balls, turon and more. Elevating it, without losing one shred of its crunchy-bits authenticity. Having fun and playing with the dish non-stop, til the naysayer takes a nibble, is won over and converted.

Franchise Package: Php 4M - 5M

Chopstop is geared towards a more cosmopolitan and aspirational crowd serving American comfort food. Whether you're an office yuppie, student, or a whole family, Chopstop offers the best food anyone could ask for.

Franchise Package: Php 2.5M - 5M

Caffe La Tea provides a cozy, comfortable place for friends to gather and chit-chat while filling their cravings with a great cup of coffee, tea or with a perfect sweet dessert! With its strong research and development, franchisees are assured to have a quarterly promotion and excellent marketing campaign!

Franchise Package: Php 4M


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