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Do You Have A Sweet Tooth? Say YES to These Dessert Franchises

Our shared love for sweets as Filipinos has proven to be a great influence on business and franchising. Since research found increased interest in sweets among Filipinos since the pandemic, more and more dessert franchise concepts gained a stronger foothold in today’s market.


From ice creams and desserts to sweet confections and pastries, there is always something sweet on every Filipino household’s table. The extreme popularity of desserts in our country is undeniable, resulting in seemingly never-ending demand for sweet treats.


If you are an avid fan of sweets, you are in for a treat with these 5 dessert franchise concepts, which offer you a great opportunity to turn your love for all things sweet into a profitable business venture.


Top 5 Dessert Franchises Today


Miguelitos Ice Cream (Franchise Fee: PHP 100K-200K / Investment: PHP 500K-1.5M)

Miguelitos Ice Cream is the biggest and longest-running ice cream brand in the country. It is known for offering delicious and exciting soft-serve ice cream in unique variants such as avocado flavors with oreo, loco, con yelo, ube flavored ice cream with nutty mango, ube-avocado and more.


With the quality of the franchise systems and operations of Miguelitos, it became the one-stop shop of several entrepreneurs as they offer not only premium ice cream products, but also premixes, supplies, and machines for soft-serve and fried ice cream, beverages, baking products, and many more.


Miguelitos ensures that all clients are supported in meeting their business needs through continuous franchise support, research, and innovation. Today, Miguelitos has over 600 franchises and institutional partners nationwide.


Milky Cakes and Sweets (Franchise Fee: PHP 350K / Investment: PHP 1.8M-2.6M)

Milky Cakes and Sweets is Davao City's ultimate place for delicious, visually appealing and professionally baked specialty cakes that are served fabulously. They take pride in serving balanced cake recipes, handmade from scratch. Their products are not overly sweet and not too dry, with quality gluten-free ingredients sourced from trusted local and international partners.


They offer over 15+ affordable yet premium specialty cakes for everyone’s everyday cravings. With a  Milky Cakes and Sweets franchise, you can now bring a sweet and colorful business to your community.


Mister Donut (Franchise Fee: PHP 100K / Investment: PHP 337K-1.2M)


Mister Donut offers one of the greatest investment opportunities you would ever come across and they are here to stay. Mister Donut started serving warm, delicious donuts complemented by a special brew of coffee in the streets of Boston, U.S.A in 1955. The word about this delightful donut has spread, prompting Mister Donut to open stores in many different states, including Asia.


Here in the Philippines, the first Mister Donut store opened in Recto, Manila in 1982. Year after year, its number of stores grew and now it has over 2,200 network of shops, including innovative tie-ups with leading convenience stores, petroleum, and cinemas; undoubtedly making them the most accessible and the most franchised American brand in the Philippines.


Julie’s Bakeshop (Franchise Fee: PHP 100K Special Rate for 2023 [PHP 300K Standard Rate] / Investment: PHP 2M-2.3M)

Julie’s Bakeshop began as a single bakeshop founded by Julie Gandionco at the age of 50 on January 6, 1981. The concept of baking fresh, piping hot bread in full view of customers and serving it with courteous greetings and warm smiles became the cornerstone of Julie's Bakeshop’s incredible success in the Philippines.


Today, it has a growing network of over 500 outlets, fulfilling their mission of nourishing Filipino communities while striving to bring Julie's to every corner of the country.


Are you interested in becoming a franchisee of a delicious dessert concept? For inquiries, you may call/text  (+632) 8634.05.86, (+632) 8634.37.17, (+63920) 983.02.47, or (+63917) 881.69.99 or email or visit


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