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Franchise Talk: Top Education and Services Franchises from HK and SG Seeking Local Franchise Partner

Updated: Aug 22, 2020

As seen on Entrepreneur.com.ph:

When it comes to franchising, we often think of food and beverage brands such as Starbucks, McDonalds, and KFC. In reality, many of the world’s best-performing franchises are in the education and services sector. This bodes well for Asia as a region, where the population tends to be younger and rising consumerism and GDP per capita across the region make these segments especially attractive.

The Philippines in particular, with more than 1,500 brands and 140,000 outlets, is a key market due to the country’s young population and developed franchise market. Filipinos are very entrepreneurial as evidenced through incredible attendances at franchise shows and an unprecedented 90-percent success rate of franchise businesses compared to the average non-franchise success rate of just 25 percent.

According to Sean T. Ngo, CEO of VF Franchise Consulting, “The Philippines has over 100 million people and one of the fastest growing GDP per capita in Asia. US News recently ranked the Philippines as the number one country for investment based on a survey of over 6,000 business decision-makers. Franchise sales in the Philippines contribute about 25 percent of all retail sales and added more than 1.5 million jobs to the Philippines economy.”

Here are a few education and services brands seeking to establish a presence in the Philippines with qualified franchisees.

The Edge Learning Center

The Edge Learning Center Franchise

The Edge Learning Center in Causeway Bay in Hong Kong

The Edge Learning Center is a Hong Kong-based franchise designed to help students get into the top universities in the US, UK, and Canada. Students that attend The Edge have an incredible 90-percent acceptance rate into the top 50 universities in the US, and an outstanding 41 percent acceptance rate into Ivy League universities, such as Harvard, Yale and Princeton. There are over 3,000 universities in the US alone.