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Top Franchises from the Past Decade

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

The best Shawarma, Milk tea, Dialysis Center and Fruit Juice Franchises came about in the past decade

As we welcome a new decade in franchising, it’s helpful to see how the past 10 years have helped create a more vibrant economy where Filipinos consumers now enjoy abundant product variation, technological advancements, investment opportunities, and on-demand knowledge.

Here are the top franchising trends of the past decade that have had a significant impact not just in the industry but in the daily lives of Filipino consumers:

Food crazes that became Filipino favorites

The decade of milk tea franchises

The last decade marked the rise, the fall and the rise again of milk tea. With its strong consumer reception, the right question to ask is “Who doesn’t love milk tea?” After the Philippines ranked second-highest bubble tea drinkers in Southeast Asia next to Thailand (based on a study by GrabFood), it is undeniable that we truly are crazy about milk tea.

This trend started early in the decade with brands such as Cha Time spearheading the craze. However, the rise of milk tea was temporarily halted in 2015 during the poisoning incident of an independent milk tea operator in Sampaloc, Manila. But since then, foreign brands such as Coco, Macau Imperial, and Tiger Sugar have continued to enter the market.

Meanwhile, local brands such as Cha Thai, Sugar Panda, Bean Leaf, Island Tea Co., Icelavie, and Caffe La Tea persist to innovate on milk tea signatures and twists that are performing remarkably well in the franchising scene. With the escalating demand especially from the youth, milk tea continues to become a favorite both by consumers and franchisees.

When we fell in love with shawarma franchises

Nowadays, wherever you go, there is a shawarma stand. You can have it spicy or cheesy, with beef or chicken, wrapped in pita or on top of rice. Apart from its flexibility, shawarma really stands out because of its distinctive taste that many Filipinos fell in love with.

Brands such as Shawarma Shack and Turks Shawarma helped pave the way to creating a more Filipino-tasting Shawarma. But they also innovated in terms of marketing—being among the first to use celebrity endorsers, billboards, and TV ads to build their food cart businesses from a handful to over 400 stores each nationwide. Aside from these, brands such as JM Shawarma continue to carve a niche in Vis-Min with over 100 stores across the islands.

Making health a top priority

Fruit drinks as the healthy alternative

With the rising incidence of Filipinos with health-related concerns, the trend of fruit drinks became popular as they are labeled as the healthier alternative to carbonated soda and caffeinated drinks. Fruits like mango, lemon, watermelon, papaya, apple, banana, guyabano, and many more are simply turned into ice-blended drinks that have attracted health buffs due to convenience and affordability.

Citrus Zone, Guri Guri, Happy Mango, Pure Nectar, and Barefruit Guyabano are among the most popular brands that have invaded the fruit drink industry in the Philippines. As the saying goes, “Eat fruits and vegetables as your medicine so you won’t eat medicine as your food.”

Making healthcare more accessible

As pharmacies boomed across the Philippines, Filipino’s consciousness of taking care of their health came at the forefront. This gave rise to more accessible healthcare, from dialysis centers such as NephroMed Asia Dialysis Center to diagnostic clinics such as Laguna Diagnostics and Qualitech Diagnostic and Medical Services.

Their development as franchises have made waves in the healthcare industry in the country as more and more patients are able to receive excellent healthcare and efficient treatments that were deemed very expensive in the past.

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