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12 Strategies of Franchising

12 Strategies of Franchising


The 12 Strategies of Franchising is the first ever book to showcase over 25 Filipino Franchise Brands. This book is created for entrepreneurs, both new and established, with a common ambition to grow from one to many through franchising. 

From the basics of "Being Guided by the Franchiseability Criteria" (Strategy 1), to insights on how to "Keep it Simple" (Strategy 2) from brands such as Potato Corner & Waffle Time, to "Setting a Clear Vision" (Strategy 4) as The generics Pharmacy grew from one to two thousand, this book reveals the secrets to exponential franchise growth. 

More established entrepreneurs can learn how to "Focus on Core Competencies: Contract Out the Rest" (Strategy 7) from Bibingkinitan and "Exploring New Income Streams" (Strategy 11) from Island Souvenirs and Sumo Sam Group to "Expanding Internationally" (Strategy 12) from Jollibee, Penshoppe, Max's, Bench, Mineski and many more.  


With stories and lessons from over 25 brands, this book allows you to get a headstart into franchise success.