• Sam Christopher Lim - President

Franchise Talk: From Corporate Zone to Citrus Zone

Updated: Aug 22, 2020

Citrus Zone

For anyone who works nine-hour day jobs, doesn’t it feel like you’re missing out on a lot of things in life as you tick off one task after another until the time to clock out arrives?

Making your way through the corporate world is one of the ultimate tests in life and a great jump-off point for anyone after they finish school. Building a career requires great stamina, undying passion, the determination to keep learning, staying ahead of the curve and most of all, the drive to become something BIG.

The skills one learns from the corporate world are valuable, too. You learn the discipline of getting yourself together and going to work every day—no matter what kind of day it is. You learn to embrace how much your profession plays a vital role in society.

Recently, however, people have realized the importance of work-life balance, and that doing something that nurtures your life is just as important as your profession.

Don S. Cenita of Citrus Zone is one of the best examples of inspirational entrepreneurs who have succeeded in moving out of the corporate zone. He has found fulfillment from something he is passionate about and discovered the secret of the work-life balance.

As risky as it sounds, taking a big leap could a lot be less complicated with the right plan. Don knew his passion—living a healthy lifestyle and inspiring people to live the same. He laid out a plan that was as easy as 1-2-3.

1. Get the right partners

The people you meet along in corporate life are valuable. You all come from different walks of life with different passions, skills and connections. All of you have discovered different tricks of the trade and the right mix of all of these techniques can make up a good entrepreneurial plan. In Don’s case, he started Citrus Zone with two of his friends, Joanna Dalmacio and Raica Mosquerra. With their entrepreneurial spirit and a professionally developed franchise program, they started a citrus-based beverage franchise cart that is now one of the fast-rising franchises in the Philippines.

2. Set it up. Build it up. Use your savings from your corporate job to support your first few stores

Don’t drop everything and take the leap to a new battle unarmored. Aside from the skills you learn from your corporate job, the income you get from it should be wisely saved as capital to create your business, your brand, your marketing strategy and, most of all, to help you to expand the franchise. The beginning is always crucial. Setting up the foundation to launch a successful franchise may require you to double the effort.