• Sam Christopher Lim - President

Franchise Talk: 5 Filipino Food Franchises to Watch Out For

Anybody in the Philippine food market will agree that there is nothing like waking up to the aroma of Filipino-cooked food. Through time, Filipinos have developed a variety of preferences, leading to the emergence of continental food and Asian-fusion cuisine. But classic Filipino dishes will always be here to stay.

In recent years, the market has seen the onslaught of concepts from all over the world. We’ve all been through the cupcake hype, the milk teas, the pizza cones, everything red velvet and the cronut. But isn’t it that we always find ourselves going back to our own scrumptious Filipino food? A Filipino may go and eat foreign cuisine once or twice a week. But a true Pinoy would always want to indulge and be full with his favorite kare-kare, sinigang, lomi or tapsilog.

This certain habit is a testament that Filipino food is not a fad. And being a fad is one of the great dangers that anyone who wants to invest in a food or restaurant business should avoid. So if you’re looking for a food business with a high level of consumer acceptance, go for Pinoy food.

Here’s a rundown of purely Filipino-inspired franchises that we can never get enough of:

1. Lugaw Queen

Lugaw Queen Franchise

Lugaw is every Filipino’s comfort food, especially when we’re sick or during stormy weather. Lugaw Queen has been a go-to for many because of how it has perfected the Filipino staple. Not only that, Lugaw Queen has also introduced a variety of ways for its customers to enjoy lugaw. Their line-up offers Lugaw Seafood, Lugaw Pares, Arroz Palabok and others. They have also expanded the menu to offer other Filipino favorites.

Total franchise investment: Php1.3 million to Php1.5 million

2. Chicken Bacolod

Chicken Bacolod Franchise