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Top 8 Milk Tea Franchise Businesses to Consider

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Top Milk Tea Franchise Business Philippines, How to franchise Chatime Milk tea franchise

Milk Tea franchises have proven very resilient throughout the years. From lining up for hours to buy a cup of the latest flavors, to ordering via Grab and Food Panda everyday, Milk Tea franchises remain highly popular and one of the top franchise business investments in the Philippines. But with so many choices in the market, it can be hard to find the right franchise to invest in. Here's a summary of 8 of the top milk tea franchises you can look at as you start your franchise journey:

Chatime - The Top Milk Tea Franchise From Taiwan

The word “cha” means “tea”. So technically “Chatime” could be loosely translated into “teatime”. But today, with over 2500 locations around the globe, Chatime means more than that. Chatime was founded in Taiwan in 2005 and in 2011 opened its doors in the Philippines. With a commitment to a quality ingredients and mix-ins and a flare for innovative flavor combinations, we set out to brew nothing but the very best bubble teas.

Since 2005, Chatime has been serving millions of customers with their favorite cup of tea, making it part of every occasion, celebration or simply cupping a busy day at work. With over 100 locations across the Philippines, Chatime continues to be one of the top franchise businesses in the country.