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How to Franchise Chatime Milk Tea

Franchise Investment: Php 4M+ | Franchise Fee: Php 300k to 500k | Formats: Pop-up and In-Line Stores

How to Franchise Chatime Milk Tea, Top Franchise Business

Chatime is one of the leading milk tea brands in the Philippines and all over the world. Founded in Taiwan 15 years ago, Chatime has sustained its commitment to craft the best bubble teas using only premium ingredients. With 2,500 locations worldwide, Chatime is truly a brand that people from different generations continue to love.

Why Franchise Chatime?

  • All natural ingredients sourced from Nan Tou, Taiwan with a unique method of infusing and blending tea

  • Continuous development of innovation of tea beverages

  • Drink customization: topping, sugar and ice options

  • Exceptional customer service with friendly smile

If Chatime is what you’re eyeing to franchise, here's what you need to know: